April 4, 2013

Stamping Plates anyone?...

Purchased by Me
Tonight I'm going to show you my some of my stamping plates. I finally took the leap and purchased all the Bundle Monster Plates. Currently there are 3 sets with Bundle Monster: 2010, 2011, and 2012.  

I did not photograph all 71 plates since the pictures would make this the longest blog post ever lol. If you would like a closer look at the sets, just click the links above, and you will be taken to the Bundle Monster website to have a closer look. 

I also purchased the Bundle Monster stamping plate holder. I really hadn't see this on many posts, so I took a chance with this item. I figured otherwise, trying to find a home for all these new plates would be a challange. 

 I LOVE THE HOLDER. This is the smartest thing ever created for stampers. 

Each page hold 12 plates, (6 plates on each side), and the holder has 14 pages.  That is a lot of plate storage.

I purchased two of these.

I have my Bundle Monster Plates in one holder and my Winstonia Plates/Konad Plates in another. That allows plenty of room to expand in the future with all the empty pages I have. These holders retail on Bundle Monster for $14.99 USD, and can be found >HERE<. The Bundle Monster site describes the holder as: a modern shiny vinyl, faux-croc skin textured outter cover with a soft velvet-like lining. 

 The holders are so soft and pliable. I love these holders and I can not rave about them enough. My plates are so organized and easy to find now. I highly recommend these.

I also purchased the new Winstonia Plate set. This set is brand new, and I was happy to be able to order it with a discount coupon. 

Picture Source: www.winstoniastore.com

This set retails for $15.99 USD on Winstonia's Web site >HERE<. They offer a lot of discount codes, so if you follow them on Facebook you won't miss out on any of the available sale codes.

I now have Bundle Monster, Winstonia and Konad plates. Here is a picture of a plate from each of the sets.

As you can see above, the whole nail images on the Bundle Monster 2010 plates are very tiny, and Bundle Monster increased the size with later plates. The Konad full nail stamps are also smaller.  Knowing the different sizes really helped me when I was purchasing. Be aware of the image sizes when purchasing.

I still have a lot of practice to go on this stamping thing. It does take some practice for sure. I did use my BM's plates on part of my recent Syracuse Nails >HERE<. Stay tuned for more stamping projects!


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