About Me

I am originally a 'city girl' born and raised in New York. I love the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is fun, exciting, fast paced and just like me :) Everything is go go go, most of the time.

 I now live in the country in Missouri, and I have somewhat turned into a 'country girl' lol. 

What a really really BIG change. Here, everything is so slow paced, relaxed - kick back and enjoy. It's taken me a long while to adjust, but the change has been really fun and interesting. I am enjoying the change a lot.  I feel blessed that I have had the pleasure of experiencing both life styles. My family still lives in New York, and I visit there often so I get to have both worlds!!! My significant other teases me lots about my dual lifestyle lol. When I'm hyper and fast paced he calls me 'city girl'. When I'm slow and laid back he calls me 'country girl'. It's a perfect fit.

My significant other (Kelly) and 2 cats (Pookie and Salem) are the other part of my life. Kelly holds my heart forever. Wedding Bells? Yes, soon :) We are both big animal lovers, and we both believe that the cats own our house, our bed, our yard and they just allow us to use things when they see fit - hahaha.
I love my nail polish. My polish collection continues to grow, and this blog is where I get the joy of being able to share it with all of you! My collection continues to grow by the day (and sometimes by the hour lol).  Thank you for joining in on my little slice of heaven here at the PolsihHoochie where I can share with people all around the world! 



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