December 15, 2012

Once Upon a Time I had a Poison Apple :)

Hi Guys,

Tonight I have a really fun polish for you. This polish is from Once Upon a Polish and it's called Poison Apple. All the polish I own from Once Upon a Polish are amazing. I did not know much about this Indie Polish maker when I originally ordered from them, it was just on order on a whim. I'm really glad I had that whim, they are fabulous to say the least.

UPDATE: When I originally posted this I had no idea that Once Upon a Polish closed up shop :( So sad to hear this, thus this polish is no longer available.

This is sparkly in your face glitter, and I love it!!! For those of use that have spent ALL our money on gifting presents for Christmas and have no money left for polish for ourselves, a polish like this is PERFECT. It's shiny and red 'Rudolph like', but not part of any 'Christmas' collection.  This is 2 coats of OPI Off Dreaming of Red with two coats of Poison Apple. Kelly helped me pick the base coat on this one :)

This was a polish I purchased months ago for no special reason, and it's perfect for Christmas. Tomorrow I'm going to the Mall in St Louis with my sweetie and we are having a shopping spree day. I wanted to wear something special. Kelly is feeling so much better, us going to the mall and shopping will be so fun. We split up and shop for each other, and then meet up at the end and head home lol. 

I want to again thank all of you that have asked about Kelly and how he is doing. He is recovering well, and I am excited about kicking back and enjoying the up coming Holiday with him. I feel really blessed this Holiday Season to have him here.

This is going to be so fun to wear for the day tomorrow. I start my day out early working from 7am til noon, and then Kelly picks me up and takes me off to St Louis (about an hour and half away) to shop our heads off lol. I'm so excitied about it!!! I need to pick up a few last minute surprises for him! 

Hope you guys like this!!! Stay tuned as the blog will be filled with Holiday Themed polishes all this week, and next week until Christmas. 

I would love to hear what you guys think about this. Please leave your comments below, I love to hear what you guys have to say :)


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