September 22, 2012

Naild'it Candy Corn

Yesterday was my eye surgery, and I wanted to have on a fun mani to help cheer me up. It's starting to feel like Fall here in Missouri, so I wanted my nails to reflect that. I decided on Naild'it Candy Corn. I picked this one up awhile back and was waiting for the perfect time to use it. 

I was really undecided on a base color for this. I tried a few on a swatch wheel and nothing was feeling right. I decided to go to my trusty MAC Light Affair, when in doubt polish lol. I had this same issue when I swatched out Once Upon a Polish's Queen of Hearts, and MAC Light Affair came to the rescue for me then too. You can see that swatch HERE.

I love how this turned out. 

The colors in this polish are fabulous, and so Fall-like. The glitters are shiny copper penny bronze, mustard yellow, rusty orange, and black. It has both round, hex, and small bar shaped glitters. This polish also contains that large matte dot glitter, that those who follow my blog know I LOVE. I also noticed that this has large matte hex shaped white glitter as well, bonus. I'm a sucker for chunky glitters in a polish. The larger glitter do not show in the bottle shot below, but can be seen in the swatch pictures.

This polish is so super bling bling. Yeah, I said 'bling bling', lol!!!

I feel like this polish was just perfect for kicking off the Fall season for me, which is my favorite part of the year. I love all the earth tone colors of Fall, the smell of fireplaces starting to burn, the fresh crisp smell of the air outside and Halloween approaching.

Check out the big white matte hex glitter in the close up below that I mentioned above. You can also see a small peek of the large matte round glitter in the bottm right hand corner of my picture. Gahhh, I just love it!

What do you guys think? What polishes are you going to use to kick off Fall?


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