July 20, 2012

Indie Spotlight: Once Upon A Polish Swatches

Yesterday I had some great nail mail arrive. I received my Once Upon A Polish order that I placed last week. The shipping was extremely fast on these polishes! 

Click 'Read More' to see all the swatches close up :)

I ordered three polishes off the Etsy site: Queen of Hearts, The Beanstalk, and Red Riding Hood. 

I am very impressed with the look of these polishes. The pictures do not do them justice. I actually gasped out loud when I opened the packaging lol.

Queen of Hearts is glitter in a clear base. It has white, black and red hex glitters in different sizes scattered throughout, with smaller white glitter as well. There are also black and red heart glitters in this, which is my favorite part!!

The heart glitters in this polish were super simple to get to, and I did not have to 'fish' them out in order to place them on the nail. I was very impressed how awesome this applied to the nail. I applied it over MAC Light Affair. How gorgeous is this!!!?

The next polish I received is The Beanstalk. This is also in a clear base. This polish is loaded with green, and silver hex glitters in different sizes as well as square glitters. I love the square glitters in this a lot, it really makes it stand out for me.

I layered The Beanstalk over a purple base for this swatch. I love purple and green as a combo. My base color is Urgent Orchid Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.   

 This polish was also easy to apply as well. I did not have to 'fish' anything out to place it on the nail. I was just as impressed with this formula as I was with Queen of Hearts. There are no taco glitters here people!

My finally polish is Red Riding Hood. This polish is also in a clear base and contains red and white square glitter, and black shredded glitters. It also has fine micro glitters in it as well. This is my first polish with shredded glitter and I truly love it! I wasn't sure about the shreds when I first saw it, and I am so glad I decided to try it.


I applied this over Orly Au Champagne. This is super pretty and I love it. I will have to purchase more shredded glitter polishes now lol!

All of the above photos have SV as my topcoat. I hope you guys liked these as much I do. You can purchase Once Upon a Polish at Etsy in the link above.


  1. Great post! I LOVE Queen of Hearts! It looks so great!

  2. queen of hearts is perrrrfect! must have it

  3. Once Upon A Polish is my new favorite. Her polishes are so amazing! Make sure you grab Black Swan, Poison Apple and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I have Queen of Hearts and it is everything you say it is! I'm happy she isn't mainstream yet but it won't be long...



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