February 18, 2013

Naild'it Re-Release Info ...

I'm still currently on the road traveling (as it seems like we do a lot). Kelly and I like to travel to to the city a lot when we can. We live way out in the country, and it's nice to touch base with civilization every now and again lol. This is his Birthday/Valentine's Day weekend getaway that was planned way back in Dec/Jan. So I decided to have Valentine's Day nails for the whole weekend :) 

Tonight I have a beauty to show you from Naild't. This polish was originally released in December of 2012 for Christmas and it was called Rudolf Knows. I love that name, it makes me giggle every time I say it. This is no longer available, BUT I just got great news from Andrea over at Naild'it. This polish will be re-released soon under a different name, All Red. There will be one slight change from my version. All Red will include Holo Red Heart Glitters as well. To find out when it will be released head on over to Naild'it's Facebook Page and you can keep an eye out for release information. You can also purchase Naild'it from Etsy HERE.

This polish is a red jelly base with red and holographic hex glitters of all sizes. It is seriously intense and very complex. I have two dabbed layers over one layer of Essie's E! Live from The Red Carpet. The glitters are dense in this that it gives off an amazing sparkle. I feel like I have Dorothy's ruby slippers on my finger tips. 

I'm so thrilled that this is being re-released. And have no fear if you dislike heart glitters. Mostly heart glitters do have to be 'placed' on the nail. Meaning removed from the jar with the brush or a toothpick and placed on the nails. If you wish to omit the heart glitters, it is easily done.

This polish is so gorgeous and it can be used for so many different occasions and holidays. It's already worked for me for Christmas and now Valentine's Day. 

Look at that shine! Is that not amazing or what?! I love love this and it's easily a top in my collection now.  I have this topped with one coat of NYC Grand Central and one coat of regular Seche Vite.

Make sure you can grab this one up before it goes. The formula on this one was amazing too. I usually have to thin glitters, but this one went on perfectly. No need to mess with a formula like this. 

Check out this close up to get a better idea on how dense the glitters are in this.

Thank for visiting! 

ALSO - for those interested I added a What's in my Tart warmer section on the Left Side bar. Each time I change it I will update that area. I also added a new warmer tab up top that will have a running list of tarts I burn by company. Just a little fun extra I added.

(*the following polish was sent to me for my honest review)


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