February 24, 2013

More Snow and a Shooting Star :)

An update on the snow storm we had here in the Midwest last week on Thursday, we got about 10 inches of snow in total. I had areas drift even higher than that. I pretty much had a death drive home from work in the afternoon on Thursday (a 20 minute drive took me an hour and 10 minutes in the worst part of the Blizzard - zero visibility), and I was snowed in Friday with lots of shoveling to do. According to The Weather Channel, the storm was called 'Q'....um yeah, I still don't get where they come up with these crazy names lol. I understand the alphabetical system, but Q.  Someone must of been a JAMES BOND fan :)

The kicker...a second storm is headed this way for Monday and Tuesday, with maybe more snow than the first...GAH, seriously lol. I feel like both storms are somewhat my fault though, let me explain. I'm originally from New York, and when I heard they were getting hit with Nemo, I was was jealous of all the snow they were getting. I miss having BIG snow storms. Here in Missouri we really don't get big storms normally. I told my husband I was jealous and I wanted 20 inches of snow here too. He said, "not in this lifetime, we never get snow like that" hehehe.  Well, as this new storm, Rocky, approaches (lol...seriously ROCKY?, it should of been 'M') they are predicting up to 12 inches. We still have 10 inches on the ground so with the 12, that is OVER 20 inches. My husband now blames me, haha. He says it's all my fault because I asked for it :) 

My last snow nails post went horrible. I thought the polish I used was called  Light Snow, only to find out the correct name was Light Show, lol. It was pretty disastrous to say the least. Since we are getting more snow, I'm determined to do another snow manicure, and get the name right this time. I have the PERFECT Polish.

This time I'm using Rainbow Polish, Shooting Star. Okay it has nothing to do with snow lol, but it gave me the look I wanted. This was a Limited Edition Fundraiser polish offered way back in 2012. I have seen it randomly pop up on Rainbow Polish's Etsy site here and there since, so I can't be sure if it will be back or not. This brand has quickly became part of my top 5 Indie Brands.  Here is Shooting Star layered over 2 coats of Orly Au Champagne.

 Can you say, 'GORGEOUS'!!!

This reminds me of the snow when you first wake in the morning and everything is frozen over and glistening in the sun, when everything is untouched and the snow really sparkles. The Holo glitters in this are glorious. You can see all the colors that reflect off the stars and hex glitters. There is also a fine micro glitter in the base, and together everything is just WOW!

I'm ready for the snow so bring it on, lol. The formula on this (and my other RP's) was a dream to apply. They are slightly thick, but I like them that way so I have better control brushing on the glitters. A few drops of thinner can also be used if needed. I can not get over how great this came out. 

There is even Holo bar glitter in this. I know a lot of you dislike bar glitter, but I love it. There is the perfect amount scattered in it. This is just Holo heaven in a bottle. 

I hope you guys enjoyed, and I will include more snow totals after this storm comes and goes. For everyone out there in  the track of Rocky, please stay safe and warm.


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