August 8, 2012

The Indie Showdown: Floam versus other Indie Sand Polishes

Today I have a really fun post for you guys. I finally got my hands on Nail-Venturous's FLOAM! It took be forever to finally get it, but it's mine *insert evil happy laugh here* lol! 

A lot of you have seen a million swatches of Floam, so I decided to do something different for you all today. I'm going swatch compare it to other Indie Polishes that are similar. Since Floam's birth, a lot of other 'sand' type polishes have emerged throughout the indie world, so I thought it would be fun to compare them all. Hopefully my swatches today can help you decide which you like best! 

This is three coats each on their own. 

As you can see there are no dupes here. Each is individual and has it's own characteristics. Yes my Good to Go is slightly pink - I used it on red polish my first day lol.

Since this is a bit pic heavy, please click READ MORE to continue...


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