November 22, 2011

NOTD - Vampire State Building

This weeks nail color choice was a bit of a mind bender lol. I was trying to think what would be a good fall color for the next few days (before my Thanksgiving nails) and also be a good color to celebrate the release of TWILIGHT :)  A polish for both maybe?

After digging threw over 350 bottles of nail polish (LOL). I came up with my OPI: Vampire State Building.  YIPPEEEE - PERFECT!!! A beautiful fall color and VAMPIRES, combining the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday and the release of Twilight perfectly.

I can not stress how much I love this polish.  Both the color and the consistency is out of this word. This has to be the best consistancy EVER!!! Out of all my OPI nail polishes, other brands, even Pricey brands (RBL's etc) this beats them all hands down.  This stuff goes on effortlessly. I wish every polish could be like this one. 

This color is so unique. Now I know a lot of you are thinking, "Wait, that's a dupe to MOLBBQ - Mrs. O'learys BBQ from OPI".  I do not own MOLBBQ, so I wasn't sure myself off I went on my quest to find this polish lol.  I wanted to do a comparison swatch to show you the similarities/differences.  I searched high and low, and no luck in my local area.  I guess I want to kick myself for this, in the past I have seen MOLBBQ in my local stores (not too long ago) and passed it up *slaps forehead* lol.  My quest will continue til I find it lol. 

Meanwhile, the best I can do is show you other comparisons that others have done. I found a really good comparison at Keethamina Pretty Ballerina Blog.  At first glance they may look alike, BUT look closer.  MOLBBQ definitely has purple undertones and VSB as brown as it's undertone. As we all know in the nail polish world, dupe is defined as an EXACT MATCH.  That means your eye's can not decipher between the two. I can see a difference, thus not a dupe in my opinion. (PS. Keethamina Pretty Ballerina is an awesome nail blog - a great one to follow - her nails are gorgeous). 

On to my manicure lol (phew that was long) :O) 

It makes me so excited to use VSB , since it's so amazing!!! 

  I used OPI Start to Finish as my Basecoat, 2 coats of VSB, and Start to Finish as my Topcoat.

When I track down MOLBBQ, I will be back for my own comparison!

Stay tuned for Thanksgiving nails :)


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