May 21, 2010

Old School Sally Hansen Swatches

As promised, here are the swatches from my 'Old School' Sally Hansen Dollar Tree Hard as Nails Polish collection.  I took too many pictures, but I can never help myself, and I always take too many pictures *Grins innocently*

Okay enough of my yap yap :) and on to the Swatches.  To recap, here are the polishes I will be swatching today.  

 (Left to Right: Magnet, Radar, Diamond Dust and Cyber)

Now for the swatches! First up is Magnet

This is 3 coats.  I loved the formula on these glitters, especially since they are so OLD! I did use 3 drops of thinner in each to make sure I didn't get any globbers, and I think it did the trick.

This is such a gorgeous blue and all the sparkles are so YUM!!

Next Up is Radar

This is also 3 coats and it is a gorgeous wine ....did I mention the sparkles!!!

Are you drooling yet? I past drooling awhile ago lol.

Next up is Cyber

Yes Yes, I know - YUCK? This was not exactly what I expected of this polish.  I was hoping that it was more true to the bottle color like Magnet and Radar were. It's too much of a puke yellowish green.  I decided in order for this to look more like the bottle I added my own touch and layered it over my Favorite Green - OPI Greenwich Village.

Hahhhh.....So Much Better - Less Pukey Green :) 

This color always makes me Happy 

Pretty Pretty Pretty!!! Don't forget to check out the sparkles!
(you can click on the pictures to enlarge them)


Wait for it....

Wait for it....

Finally *drum roll please* is Diamond Dust

First I would NEVER wear this alone, It makes my nails look stained and they really aren't lol.  Plus This is more of a top coat in my book, but I wanted you to see the true color and GLITTER and HOLO ....Yippee!

I changed the lightening up in these pictures so you can see the Holo effect. I blurred several shots so you can see it's true beauty and glory!

Lovely, just pure LOVE! It reminds me of an old 80's Disco Ball. These polishes take me back to my high school days :) It's like having a time machine and being able to warp back in time LOL.

I Hope you guys liked the swatches today and I hope everyone has a fun exciting weekend ahead. Let me know which is your favorite!

Til next time.....CIAO all


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