February 18, 2012

Cirque de Soleil Nails!

I'm so excited about tonight nails. I have been sick for several weeks, and I am finally feeling better. To celebrate Kelly got us Cirque de Soleil tickets!!! We are going to see Quidam. We really didn't get to go out for Valentine's Day - so this is just perfect. 

Well soon as I found out, I went a searching online to see what the theme of our show would be. I found this picture that I used for inspiration. 

I wasn't sure which direction to go, as I seriously stink at nail art lol.  In the picture above is Target, one of the main characters. If you look closely at his outfit it is white and teal with red accents. I came up with this ...

The Base color is ManGlaze Mayo and Sally's Insta-Dri Sea Breaze. I used scotch tape to do the checkered pattern. The lines are nothing to brag about, but I'm happy with it :)

This is the top I'm wearing, so I figured the nails would be perfect for that. I was going for a circus look.

FUN FUN!!! I can not wait to go now lol.

Thanks for visiting guys!


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