September 25, 2012

400 Facebook Likes Giveaway!!

Sorry this one is so late. I am trying to play catch up with all the pictures I took prior to my surgery ...

This giveaway is to celebrate 400 Likes on ThePolishHoochie Facebook Page. I'm really enjoying being part of the Facebook family of nail bloggers, and you guys really make it fun and exciting, so this is a thank you for my Facebook followers.

As you all now, I'm new to the Giveaway thing and I am learning as I go along. Since this one is a FACEBOOK giveaway, the option to follow my blog won't be an option. This is just for my Facebook Followers :) 

I wanted to do something different and fun. So this giveaway is PARTY NAILS. 

* 1 set of Kiss Nail Dress Nail Decals in Jeweled Strips
*1 Bottle of Sally Hansen Gem Crush Bling-Tastic
(1 winner) and it is international.

I absolutely ADORE the Kiss Nail Dress Strips. I reviewed them way back, and I have to say they are the best strips I used to date. There was no lifting and they lasted forever it seemed. Here is my review on them in case you want to check it out HERE. This set has that same raised 3D effect on the jewels. It is so super pretty. I also added in a bottle of Gem Crush in a matching color if you want to do an accent nail with the strips, or just one Nail Dress accent nail (the set lasts a long time like that).

Super Fun and Blingy!

I did notice a lot of cheaters on my last give away. Please note that I comb threw EVER entry, and I delete duplicates as well as people who say they are followers and SHARE the giveaway, when they actually have done nothing. YOU MUST BE A FACEBOOK FOLLOWER to participate in this giveaway. It's important to fill out all parts of the rafflecopter, so your entry does not get deleted. 

There is only ONE entry per person. If you share the giveaway and do not provide the URL link, that single entry will be deleted. Sorry to be so much of a stickler, but it's only fair to those that follow the rules. 

I will announce a winner within 48 hours of the close of the giveaway. You will receive an email stating you are the winner, and you will have 24 hours to reply. If not, a new winner will be picked. I can not be responsible if you do not check your email Spam folder, so make sure you double check once the winner is announced. 

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!!


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