March 9, 2013

Swatches for Trelly's M.I.S.C. Spring 2013

Here is the first look at Trelly M.I.S.C's Spring 2013 Collection! This set is AMAZING to say the least. I loved every polish in this set and it's perfect for Spring/Easter. 

Okay if that doesn't convince you that this set is an amazing set, I'm not sure what will :) 

On to the individual polishes. 


This is exactly how I picture Peter Cotton Tail to be. I love this polish! This one is perfect for Easter. This is a clear base loaded with iridescent glitters of different sizes that flash pastel colors. It was a little difficult to photograph on white, but it was stunning to look at. This is 3 coats of Sation's Snow White, with two dabbed on coats of Cotton Tail.


We have 2 lunar eclipses that will be in April and May of 2013. What a prefect polish for this spring. We all know how obbsessed I am with moons and stars, so this is a must have for me. I LOVE IT. This is 3 coats alone. Check out the yellow and blue glitters in this. It looks so much like a night sky, gorgeous to say the least.  The moons, stars and square glitters are are pretty silver holo. I did not place any of the larger glitters, this is how I brushed them on straight from the bottle.

(PS> I didn't realize I banged up my index finger until after I took photos - sad day in swatching lol) 

Robin Eggs

These remind me of those yummy chocolate speckled eggs that come out for Easter. I love that there are shreds in this one. You can see that on my ring finger. This polish is perfect for Spring/Easter. This is three coats alone. This polish may make you crave chocolate :)

Wine With Everything

Who doesn't love a little bit of Wine? This is Burgundy glitters of different shapes and size in a clear base. I love how different this is. I wanted to really see the glitters in this, so I layered it over 3 coats of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry Expres-so Yellow to contrast with the glitters. I love the way the square shaped glitters look in this.

Basket of Goodies

This really does look like an Easter Basket to me. If you look closer you will see small green bar glitters that remind me of the plastic grass you put in an Easter basket. This polish is a clear base with glitters in all spring colors of pinks and blues. I layered this over 2 coats of Model's Own Lime Green. This would be a prefect polish to wear on Easter morning!


Your Egg Needs a Dye Job

Hehe, I love this name. This is a really cute name for a polish. This also reminds me of those speckled chocolate eggs that start to surface this time of year (similar to Robin Eggs above). It also makes me thing of birds eggs. All the cute little birds will start having babies soon as it starts getting warmer outside. A lot of people associate blue eggs with Robins, but many songbird eggs are this pretty blue too.  This is three coats alone.

This is a must have set for 2013. I loved every one. I really liked the opacity on these. The colors where very solid, not streaky or too see through on the nail. Cassie at Trelly's M.I.S.C scored a homerun on this collection.

These polishes go on sale March 11th, 2013 at Trelly's M.I.S.C. Etsy Page found HERE.  The Under Sea Collection will also be released at the same time. You can see my swatches for the Under The Sea Collection HERE.

(*the polishes show here were sent to me for my honest review)


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