November 16, 2012

Giveaway Winners Announced...

700 Facebook Likes Giveaway!!!

Prize: 1 Full Size Bottle KBShimmers Clown Puke 
1 Full Size Bottle Dollish Polish Spectural Pup (Glow in the Dark) 


800 Blog Followers Giveaway 

Prize: 1 Full Size Bottle of Lynnderella Snow Angel 


Both emails have been sent out.  You will have 72 hours to respond. As you all know, My Hubby had a Heart Attack at the end of October and all giveaways where left hanging. I am now playing catch up!

Congrats to both Winners!!!


A quick Update ...I posted this on Facebook and wanted to share it here too!
As most of you know already my SO (now my husband), had a heart attack on Oct 24th. Some really freaking scary stuff. He eats healthy and keeps in shape, never even gets sick...... and then this. I think I was in shock more than anything else. If I hadn't called 911 when I did, he would not be here. His heart stopped 2 minutes after the EMT's arrived. 2 minutes - that's how close it came. We met with the EMT and Paramedic (Mark and Mike) that first responded that night, and they are awesome. After sitting and chatting with them for a whole afternoon, it makes me further realize how blessed I am for Kelly to still be here with us.

Kelly is now doing MUCH better. He has went from not being able to put on shoes and socks himself to now walking, driving again, almost full normal activity again. We both want to thank all of you that sent GET WELL wishes. It was super touching and so appreciated. I feel very blessed to have such sweet and loving followers. Kelly continues to get stronger each day and with his rehab he starts tomorrow - we are well on our way. 12 weeks of bootcamp for him now lol.

The last few days have been finally feeling back to normal for me, some what lol. I'm wanting to get back on track with the blog, and it's been a challenge. I'm so outta of the loop and not even sure how to jump back in ....I was in the middle of Halloween swatching, that I can no longer do. I feel off track and lost :) I have some new fall polishes, so just working it all out in my head now. Any comeback suggestions would be great lol.

Thank so much for your continued support, and keep your eyes open for me. I have a few ideas for my comeback :)

ALSO - I will be announcing winners tomorrow night for my open contests. I had a few that were still open and I will do my best to contact winners for a seriously expired giveaway. Tomorrow I will post about that - try and have that all fixed.

See you guys soon!


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