October 31, 2013

Candy Corn Flowers?

Tonight I have a super amazing polish from Candy Lacquer. This one is Candy Corn FLOWERS :)

It has super fun Flower shaped glitters in it, which I love. I did not individually place the glitters either. This is just how they brushed on! This was a super amazing formula. I layered it over Manglaze Matte is Murder.

I got on a Mate kick this week and applied it to this polish as well. The shiny top coat version was just not making me happy lol. I used Hard Candy Matte top coat, one of my favorites but unfortunately discontinued. I hope to never run out of it lol.
Please excuse the Horrible condition of my hands tonight. The hubby and I did some SERIOUS brush clearing in our backyard (the weather has been so nice) and I beat up my poor hands. An area we have been meaning to clear for ages now. I think after the Halloween Swatch-a-thon is over I'm going to have to rest my fingers hahaha :) 

This is 2 coats of Matte is Murder covered with 2 dabbed on coats of CCF, topped off with a Matte Top Coat. This always happens with Matte Top Coat with me. I don't touch it for long periods of times, and then when I do I can not stop using it. It's almost Halloween here, but have no fear. I will have one more Halloween Polish up tomorrow evening before my Halloween Swatch-a-Thon ends. I hope all you trick-or-treaters out there stay safe and have a blast collecting candy. I'm looking forward to my trick-or-treaters...Candy Treat Bags are stuffed filled with fun toys and candies!


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