May 22, 2013

Influenster Review

I hope everyone is doing well today. We have had several horrible storms rip threw my area over the last 3 days, and I have been away from my PC during that time. We did have a Tornado touch down near us, but luckily my home, family and friends are safe. I can only hope the same for all my viewers out there!

Today I have a fun and different type of post. Influenster sent me a box sponsored by Palmolive.  I know for me, being a nail person, anything that I apply to my hands is important. I have extremely DRY skin so I'm cautious with products, even dish detergent.

As you can see, my package was a little beat up for the post, but the contents were safe inside!


Palmolive has long known that the daily task of doing dishes shouldn't wreak havoc on your hands. Their formula now has more caring ingredients than before, with the latest offerings in the Palmolive Soft Touch dish liquid line. Palmolive as always, tough on grease, soft on hands. 

I received two bottles, Aloe (blue bottle) and Vitamin E (pink Bottle).

The Aloe version is formulated for Dry Skin and the Vitamin E version is formulated for soft hands.

I'm normally a Dawn person when it comes to my dish detergents. I was currently using Dawn with OLAY Moisturizer. So when I received these I was really anxious to try them out. This is probably the first time I was ever excited to do dishes lol. 

I LOVED them. I tried the Soft on Hands Vitamin E formula first. I really loved how soft it felt. I tested it on an extremely greasy pan. It cut through the grease with no issues. I didn't get that greasy feeling on glass like I do when I have tried other off brands that I have grabbed because of the sale price (which I regretted after the purchase). The only thing I didn't like was the slightly floral smell. The smell was strong and pleasant, I'm just not a floral person over all. 

Next, I tested the Dry Skin Aloe formula. This one was a hit for me!!! The smell was more earthy and natural (right up my ally). Again, it cut threw the grease with no issues, pretty much exactly like my Dawn does. The feeling of my hands afterwards was amazing. I can truly say I will not be purchasing the Dawn OLAY anymore. I was getting a skin tightening feeling after use, and that is not happening with the Palmolive. I washed dishes over an hour ago and my hands still feel soft, no tightening feeling that I always get after washing dishes.

I highly recommend both of these. If you are like me, and struggle with lots of dry skin and dry cuticles, this product is for you - Your hands will thank you! 

Now, since I'm all about the nails - I matched up my nails with the bottles lol. 

Swatched with Sation: Plenty of Frogs. This is my new favorite Sation polish. A gorgeous green with pretty glitter shimmer. It is SO PRETTY!!!!! This is a must have Sation. This was a fast sloppy swatch just having fun with my new soaps lol.

 Swatched with Sation: Teacher's Pet. Ughhh probably my worst formula polish EVER. I love my Sation polishes, but this one was a HOT MESS. It streaked, it dragged and it caused balding. I thinned it, and that made it just a watery HOT MESS. I hate to even show you this swatch - it was that bad. I think I'm actually going to throw this polish away lol. I wouldn't even give it away....I would not wish this horror on anyone! I'm not having the greatest swatching day so maybe I will try it another day. We will see.

Thanks for visiting guys. Check out Palmolive's Website for more information on these fabulous new dish detergents!


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