August 5, 2013

Zoya Fall Pixie Dusts!! Swatches.

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Today, a little late, but here is the Zoya's Fall Pixie Dusts. I was really excited to see these, because I had no idea of the true colors from just the promo pictures. Saying I was anxious for these to arrive is an understatement.

Let's take a closer look at each.....

Once I received them, I can say that Zoya has outdone itself once again! The colors are so much deeper and brighter than I could imagine. 

On to the swatches so you guys can judge for yourselves....


This one was slightly tough to capture in color. In the bottle it looks more white, but once it's on the nail it takes on a gold color. It's gorgeous and very classic looking. I am not a fan of light colors, I tend to stay away from them. This is not one of the ones I will avoid lol. It is gorgeous and I can see this paired with a little black dress perfectly!!!

It flashes and is sparkly like the other Pixie Dust polishes, and this one does NOT disappoint.

I think this color will be one of the popular ones of the set, because it will bring in those that love light colors as well of those that like deep dark colors, like myself. 


Okay this one is a little confusing with it's name. It's called Sunshine, but it's Blue ????? Hmmm, interesting lol. Not exactly what I would have named this polish, but it is still gorgeous! 

I'm a big fan of dark colors, and this is no exception. This is so stunning!! The one thing I love about this polish, that missed the mark with Zoya Liberty, is this one did not stain my nails blue. A BIG thank you to Zoya for fixing the issue with this 'blue'. 

I see myself wearing this one a lot!

It was easy to apply and no hassle with the removal. NO STAINING!!!


For those of you that follow me, you know I love green. Well this one is my FAVORITE!!! I have been anxious for a deep green pixie dust, and it has arrived! If you like green polishes than this is a must have for your collection.

This is a prefect emerald green for the Fall. Thank you Zoya for making this one! 


GORGEOUS!!! Firey orange with a gorgeous gold shimmer. 

If your wanting a blast of color for the Fall that is bright, this is it.

I will be taking this one out for Halloween, it would be perfect for Oct. 31st!


This one has such a prety name. I sometimes feel Zoya is running out of ideas on names lol, but this one is so pretty. 

A lot of you may be concerned that this color is too similar to Zoya Miranda, but this is much deeper and darker. They are very different. 

It's such a nice deep magenta color for the Fall. Zoya really brings on the feeling of Fall with these polishes.


This one was strange for me. All the other polishes are 1 coat, and this one definitely needed two coats. As you can above, I was impatient and I didn't allow the polish to dry completely and the tips of each nail still look wet. With 2 coats of Pixie Dusts you HAVE to be patient, unlike myself, and wait for it to dry to achieve an even looking texture.

It's a gorgeous deep amethyst color and purple lovers will rejoice when they see this one lol.

Hope you guys enjoyed this. It was nice getting back to blogging.

These polishes are available at 

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more Fall Zoya colors...

Press Sample


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