July 11, 2012

Indie Spotlight: Nerd Lacquer Warrior Ethos

I hope everyone is having a great and wonderful week so far.  I've been kinda on the tired side adjusting to my new work schedule, but I do  love my new job.

For those that read my original post on my first day of work nails, I am pleased to announce that I can pretty much whatever I want at work. I'm so happy about that. I do really feel for those of you that are not allowed to wear polish at work. I'm not sure I could stay there if I wasn't allowed to use polish LOL.

On to today's nails...

I'm wearing Nerd Lacquers - Warrior Ethos. Most of you are aware that these polishes are no longer being made, which makes me very sad. I got lucky enough to grab this one off the Nerd Lacquer Etsy site just before it closed down. I had so many more on my wishlist, and I hold out hope that one day they return. Here is the beautiful Warrior Ethos.

This polish is GORGEOUS to say the least. This is 3 coats alone.

I love the dense black micro and hex glitter that is mixed in this.

I filed all my nails down again this evening. I really do like to keep them short as possible. I can only nubinize in stages though because the skin that grows under the nail on the free edge needs to recede for me in stages. I hope that makes sense lol. 

The bottle is so pretty I had to include it in this shot.

What do you guys think? I appreciate everyone stopping by to visit today.


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