December 21, 2012

Rockin around the Tree - Naild'it

I have to say this was probably the hardest manicure that I ever had to photograph. I wanted something really different, but my camera just didn't want to play too nice tonight.

This is two coats of OPI Jade is the New Black layered with one solid coat of Naild'it Rockin Around the Tree. You can find this at Naild'it's Etsy shop here. They are currently on vacation so I can not promise that this will still be offered after the Holiday. I then topped everything with Hard Candy Matte Top Coat. The polish lost it's JADE color and turned more green once I started layering it, which is exactly what I was hoping for. 

It is really difficult to see in the photos, but once matted there is a gorgeous light green glitter that shines and stands out from all the darker green glitters. It is so pretty.

It came out exactly how I wanted it to. 

If you have not yet tried using a matte top coat on a glitter, you are really missing out. The depth of the glitter once it is matted is amazing, and not to be missed.  If you look carefully at my pinky finger you can see the different color glitters that are hiding.  I didn't see all the amazing color shades of the glitter until I used a Matte coat.

Again, this was a really tough polish to capture, but I promise it is beautiful.  Hope you guys like this and hope anyone in the path of Draco stayed safe today. Here in Missouri we had wind gusts hitting close to 60mph. There was a white out blizzard here most of the day and the wind has been howling non stop. I'm hoping by morning it is all gone.

Thanks for visiting :)

(*this polish was sent to me for my honest review)


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