April 2, 2013

Autism Awareness ...

Purchased by Me
April is Autism Awareness Month, so I will be doing a manicure for Autism Awareness for today and blue manicures for the remainder of April. 

For a long time, many people didn't even know what Autism was, so awareness is the first step. I myself do not have anyone in my family that has Autism, but I have friends that have Autistic children, so I wanted to join in to help spread awareness.

I followed this video tutorial on Youtube that can be found HERE. I have to say I enjoyed doing these so much. They are time consuming, but so worth it in the end. I'll be wearing these to work tomorrow as well.

Colors I used:

China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky (Yellow)
Sation - Board Girl Blue (Dark Blue)
Sation - Hot 4 Teacher (Red) 
Sation - Jock Juggler (Light Blue) 

I used regular Scotch tape for making my squares, and a dotting tool to make the circles.

My regular readers also know how obsessed I am with Matte Top Coat, so of course I used that to finish things off. 

Hope you like these :) How many of you will be joining in the Blue Manicures for April. Love to hear your comments :) 

Purchased by Me


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