September 25, 2013

Halloween Polish Collection and Halloween Swatch-a-thon info...

 I made a video of all my Halloween Polishes that I have from last year that never got used. For those of you that were around last year you all know my hubby had a Heart Attack in October, and I had to abandon my blog Mid October. I ended up with a ton of Halloween Polishes that never got used from that time.  I decided for this year, starting OCT 1, 2013, I would swatch as many as I could up until October 31st on my BLOG for this Halloween!!! I can't promise a post EVERY day, but we will see how it all plays out :) I would love it if you guys could join in on the journey with me.
Prepare yourself for The Spooky Hoochie Halloween Swatch-a-thon!
The video showcases each polish that I have. THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP. Since I have so many polishes for Halloween I would love it if you can take a few minutes out of your hectic day and please watch my video, and then (MOST IMPORTANT) vote in the comments section of the video which polishes you HAVE to see on the blog. This way I get all the favorites up for you guys.
  • I will also be adding some NEW Halloween Polishes for this year as well, but those will be surprises. 
  • ALONG the way if I end up with anything stand out or REALLY BAD, I will do an individual video for that specific polish. Maybe what's SPOOKY HOT and what's SPOOKY NOT lol. 
  • FINALLY - Expect to see a giveaway along the way too, so keep your eyes peeled for that!



Kiss Nail Dress

Sinful Colors Trick or Treat
Sinful Colors Webs

2ChixLacquer Witch's Brew
2Chixlacquer Safety Stick
2ChixLacquer Goblin's Spit

Naild'it - Ghost Hunt

Dollish Polish - Vampire Coven
Dollish Polish - Spectral Pup
Dollish Polish - This is Halloween
Dollish Polish - Somethings Up with Jack

Trelly's MISC - Zero
Trelly's MISC - Trick or Trelly
Trelly's MISC - Witches in Sky

Hare - The Monster

Cirque - Halloween Combo 2012

September 14, 2013

Some YouTube Video fun!

For those of you that don't follow me on Facebook, I wanted to make you guys aware that I put up some new videos on Youtube. 
I love doing Haul and Collection Videos.

I'm not a makeup guru or anything lol, but I do like to share what I purchase.

More videos coming soon too!!


September 11, 2013

Barielle Fall 2013 Sophisticated Lady Swatches & a Barielle Giveaway!!!

Press Sample

Here is the second Fall 2013 Bariellle collection, Sophisticated Lady. If you missed the first collection, Nude and Naughty, you can find it HERE. These polishes retail for $8.00/bottle or $25.00/5 piece box collection shown below. They can and be purchased at
ALSO, don't forget to scroll to the end of the post for Giveaway details.
This is another impressive collection from the people at Barielle.  I can honestly say, when I first saw these I was not impressed. The colors seemed boring and ho hum. Once I saw how they applied and the complex colors, I changed my mind really fast!!! 

This color is such a classy pink, and the bonus is that it has a hidden gold shimmer. The formula on this was excellent and brushed on flawless. This is 2 coats of polish with 1 coat HK Girl Top Coat. Need I say more?

The true color of this polish is a tough one to capture on film. It's a beautiful mix of brown and olive green. I see the olive in this one, than other times I look at it and I only see the brown. It's really a complex shade, and very impressive. It's a perfect color for the fall. The formula was perfection, and it went on very easy. This is 2 coats of polish with 1 coat of HK Top Coat.

This is yet another fabulous polish in this collection. This collection will not disappoint, because it has a little of everything in it. I love the variety in this set. The best way to describe this polish is a dusty navy. It is very chic for sure, the name really nails it. This is 2 coats of polish with 1 coat of HK Girl Top Coat. Navy blue has been really hot this Fall.

This is fast becoming my new go to red polish. The color is a perfect red. As many reds as I own, I do not have this shade of red. It's a blue based red and works really great with my pale coloring. The formula was also flawless and I couldn't ask for an easier polish to work with. This red is a dream! This is 2 coats of polish with 1 coat of HK Girl Top Coat. This is the perfect red that I will be using for the Holidays coming up.

I saved the best for last. This is an AMAZING color. It's a wonderful mix of raisin and purple. I LOVE LOVE IT. I could not take this polish off once it was on my fingers. I see this being a staple color for me this Fall. I have only had it on for one day, and several people have already complimented me on it. It's another one of those polishes that changes with the lighting. In dark lighting it will almost look black, but in brighter light the wonderful plum raisin color emerges. I can not say enough good things about this one! If you can only pick one out of the entire collection, I highly suggest this one. I sill have it on and I will not be removing it until my weekend getaway coming up. I have to really love a polish to keep it on for 3 days lol!!

I also wanted to let you know that Barielle is having a great giveaway that will start September 12th and end on September 26th.  Don't miss out on this one guys, you can win both Fall collections with this giveaway. 

There will be 10 prizes (retailing $175.00), and one Grand Prize (retailing $200.00). 

The 10 individual prizes will each be the Barielle kit which will consist of:
Two of the Fall Collections 5 Packs (Sophisticated Lady and Nude & Naughty) 
One Nail Rebuilding Protein Base Coat
One No Chip Speed Dry Top Coat
One Nail Strengthener Cream
The Grand Prize will include all of the above PLUS the Cole Haan Satchel!!!! (shown below).

 (Photo courtesy of Barielle)
Head on over to the Barielle Facebook page for details!
Press Sample

September 9, 2013

A Late Labor Day Post ....Trelly's Because of the Brave

I'm extremely late on this post, I hadn't realized I didn't post it, so I'm going to share it with you tonight. This is Because of the Brave's from Trelly's M.I.S.C. I wore this for Labor day. I have it layered over Barielle's Danger at 8, which is part of their new 2013 Sophisticated Lady Fall Collection. I will have swatches of that new collection coming this week!

I really loved this combination.

The glitters in Because of the Brave are a wonderful mix of Stars, Hearts, Hex, Round and Squares. The heart glitters are a little difficult see because they are red on red, but you can see them in my first picture on my index finger.

The formula was great and easily dabbed on. Check out the large chunky hex glitters on my middle finger, ringfinger and pinky. Those are my favorite part of this polish and make it very unique from my other patriotic polishes.

I also made more jar pies, Blueberry, for Labor day. I was testing my Halloween cut outs for the top lol, so just ignore the fact they are Halloween oriented.

I got the Idea from Our Best Bites. They are so super fun to make.

Thank you for visiting and make sure you leave some love in the comments section!!!


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