June 6, 2012

Nails Inc: The Thames

First, Thank you to everyone that left comments about my lost cat. I really appreciate it. It was very sweet of everyone to do so. 

I finally got to do my nails, yippeee. It's been awhile so it was rough going lol. I have been really wanting to try this polish so badly, and I'm sorry I waited this long. This polish is amazing. It is so smooth and it went on so easy. It was also really easy to clean up. I love it.

The color is really nice too. In bright light it is a lighter gray color and it dark light it gets deeper gray. It's a gorgeous color. Don't look too close at my coloring skills - it's been awhile and I was rusty lol.

I leave for vacation in 4 days and I'm really not sure what to use yet. Soon as I figure it out I will post it here. 


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