December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays


This is a little late. but I wanted to show you guys my Christmas Mani :) Today I used OPI: Dear Santa. I have had this for awhile, but haven't used it til today. I have A LOT of untrieds and it was nice to wear this one finally.

I haven't thought this completely threw, but for 2012 I'm going to attempt to use one untried - once a week. Not sure what day of the week yet, but it mostly likely be Saturdays/Sundays.  This is the only time I see daylight in the Winter for good blog pictures lol. I will continue to purchase and use new polishes but that can be other days inbetween. It's not fully planned out yet, but before the New Year I will announce the details. 

Back on to my nails :)

These are indoor pictures, but It's the best I can do. I usually hate posting indoor pictures.  I was so excited about using this and all my Nail polish related gifts that I just HAD to post.

I used SV Ultraviolet (UV) Top Coat. Kelly Bought me this for Christmas. 

So Sparkly and Glowing!

I figured this was the perfect named polish for today!

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to take proper pictures outdoors.

Next gift was my New Helmer and Nail Dryer!!! Whooohoo.

I already had one Helmer, but now I have a second one and much more space too. 
Santa was really nice to me this year.

This nail dryer is amazing. It has UV lights AND a Fan. There are three settings:

1. UV Light
2. Fan (Fan Blowing Only)
3. Have Both On.
It also has a timer for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 minutes.

I used it tonight (along with the SV -UV Top Coat), and I was floored by it's performance. It cured in 7 minutes, and my nails were completely dry in 10. I was up baking cookies and washing my hands after the 10 minutes, and it worked. I highly recommend this. My Dry Drops, SV,  and Posh are BYE BYE gone.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you and your family are having a Happy and Safe Holiday!


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