October 28, 2012

Where is The Polish Hoochie?

Hi Guys,

I'm sure you are all wondering where I have been. I had a bunch of polishes I wanted to swatch for Halloween....

I am here to tell you I am still here, but I had a terrible incident occur Tuesday evening. My Significant Other, Kelly, had a massive Heart Attack Tuesday of this past week. He was air lifted from our home in efforts to save his life. He was revived 3 times prior to being air lifted, and I was sure that was the last night I would see him alive. His life was hanging on a thread. Thanks to my local EMT's, Air Vac team, and Doctors and Nurses they saved his life. He had a 100% blockage on his right main artery and 95% blockage on his left main artery. The Doctor said it was miracle he was alive. He basically fought hard to stay alive.

After many uncertain hours, many sleepless nights, and many countless hours spending praying for his life, God was good and did not take him from me, it just wasn't his time. I feel very blessed that he remains in our lives.

We returned home from the hospital. Kelly is doing really good, but we have a long way to go for full recovery. I have to be his full-time nurse for a bit. We will be involved in a Cardio Rehabilitation Program for the next 12 weeks for 3 days a week, in addition to countless hours of Cardiologist appointments. 

I had posted this on Facebook, and I want to thank all of you that sent out Prayers and good wishes. Keep praying as Kelly has a long recovery. I hope you guys understand that here and my Facebook have to go silent for awhile. I will be here when I can :) Thanks guys!!!!


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