October 8, 2012

Review of Trelly's M.I.S.C Hopeful

Tonight I have another Pink polish for you guys. This one is Hopeful from Trelly's M.I.S.C., my new favorite indie nail polish obsession lol. Trelly's M.I.S.C will be launching this tomorrow on her new big Cartel site found HERE. You can follow Trelly's on Facebook HERE to find details about launch times.

This polish was created for Breast Cancer Awareness for this month. I can not rave enough about Trelly's. I purchase a LOT of Indie polishes and I have to say these are among my favorites. The quality is excellent. I have a feeling this indie brand is really going to take off. 

Here is Hopeful...

WOW!!! This polish just floored me. I had seen previews of this on Trelly's Facebook page and I had a feeling it was going to be amazing. I was not wrong! 

I started with 2 coats of China Glaze Make an Entrance. 

On a side note, this China Glaze is AMAZING as well. It went on effortlessly and this was two simple coats. If all my polishes applied this easy I would be in nail polish heaven lol!

Next, I layered on three coats of Hopeful. I brushed this on and dabbed it on too. When you have a polish that is this glitter packed, the dabbing effect really helps to distribute the glitters nicely. I did thin this before using (about 3/4 drops of thinner).

This polish is packed with Sparkle. The quality of these glitters are fabulous.

Is this not drool worthy or what?! 

As my top coat I used Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food (aka Fix a Flat). If you guys are wearing lots of these indie glitter polishes, Glitter Food is a must have top coat. There is a learning curve to using it, but once you get it down you can get most glitters 100% glass smooth. It is self leveling and perfect for glitters. Glitter Food does dry Matte, so I topped it with one coat of Seche Vite Top Coat.

...and for your viewing pleasure, I created a video. I wanted to show you guys just how crazy sparkly awesome this is. 

I darkened the lightening in my room so that you get the effect of the Sparkles. There was no sun out today, so I was forced to do this indoors. It's a goofy video, I can not wait to see all the thumbs down I get on it LOL. 

Hope you guy got a good giggle at this. 
Thanks for visiting! 
*Hopeful was sent to me for Review*


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