February 13, 2013

Dog Day Dream

Hi Guys,

I have a polish for you guys tonight that is A-MAZING!!!! :) I wanted something pink and red for Valentine's Day week. Since my hubby has been sick, I had to place my Valentine's Day Polish order(s)LATE, so for the beginning of this week I had to just make do with polishes already in my stash. I shopped my stash and came up with Hare's Dog Day Dream. The colors were exactly what I was looking for. Pink, Red, Purple...so amazing you just have to see it to ubderstand it's true beauty. 

I wore this for Kelly's heart procedure, Monday. I wanted something bright and pretty to look at to help keep me positive and calm instead of freaking out, which I kind of did anyways. 

The night before when I did this mani, it really did help to calm me and it helped me to focus as well. I was less nervous about everything that was going to happen Monday. Let me introduce you to the wonderful and stunning Hare's Dog Day Dream. This is 3 coats all on it's own. I really loved that I didn't have to layer this. I was doing a lot to prep things for Kelly the night before we went to the Hospital, so this had to be fast and effortless, and just what I needed in a hectic time.

I love how it came out. I see why everyone raves about Hare's so much, this one was lovely!!!

Perfect to kick off Valentine's Day Mani's :) 

Today I got my order of Valentine's Day polishes so those will be posted next, stay tuned. Also, don't forget to enter my 900 followers/likes Giveaway. You can enter here...GIVEAWAY LINK


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