July 19, 2012

Freeman - #2 Goji Berry Hydration Mask

It's been several days since my last post, so I wanted you guys to know I was still here and still alive lol! My new job has been great, but it does seem to make me tired a lot. I have worked much longer hours and did much more strenuous work before in the past, so I'm not sure why I feel so tired?? Maybe old age? lol :)

On to today's post. I have another installment of my Freeman Mask Series.  I once again was back to having my face and skin feel dry! Especially feeling tired and stressed made it even worse. 

I went to my handy dandy (that's right I said handy dandy LOL) stash of masks and I pulled out this beauty....

The Freeman Goji Berry Hydration mask. The word 'hydration' was just calling out to me. The consistency of this mask was very pleasant, smooth (no scrubbing crystals apparent in this formula). 

The formula appears white, but it is actually clear once applied to the skin. It feels really awesome once it's on. The first thing I noticed was a nice cooling sensation on the skin. The directions say to leave it on 10-15 minutes. It dries on the skin flexible and does not harden like a typical mud type mask. You will hardly even notice it is on the skin during the drying time. The smell is a really pleasant scent of berries. This is probably my favorite scent on a mask so far. I rinsed this off after 15 minutes and WOW, my skin felt so smooth and soft and VERY hydrated. This mask is amazing. This is the exact type of mask I have been seeking for my dry skin situation this summer. This will be a HG staple on a go forward for me, I loved it that much lol. I plan on grabbing a handful of these next time I am at the Drug Store. 

If you are suffering from dry summer skin like me, grab one of these and you will be thrilled at the results.


This is how I store my face masks. My fancy and elaborate set up (chepo Dollar Store plastic shoe bin lol).

I can read the labels easily and it makes it simple to flip through them when I'm deciding what to use.

Stay tuned for more mask updates. As you can see above, I have several left to use. Please make sure you check my labels in the left side bar for past reviews.

Thanks for visiting!!


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