January 10, 2012

Sally's Beauty Supply HandsDown Ultra Polish Pad Remover Review

I was at Sally's Beauty Supply, (as usual lol), and I saw these nail polish remover pads that really caught my interest. They are called HandsDown Ultra Nail & Cosmetic Pads. Below is a picture of the bag that caught my attention while I was shopping around the store...

Below is a close up of the pad, and the proper way to hold it...

Below is a close up of the flat portion of the pad and it's made out of felt.

As soon as I got home, I gave these a hot and I LOVED them. I can't rave about these enough. There are so many benefits to these nail polish remover pads.

* The pads protect the skin on your index finger and thumb when removing nail polish on your other fingers. The tab protects your skin from soaking up remover. My fingers have been known to turn ashy and white from over use of acetone nail polish remover when removing my polish.

* The pads protect your existing manicure when you are removing old polish from your toes OR if you are doing a manicure for a friend and you do not want to ruin your own polish. 

* When you are doing your own manicure, sometimes you mess up a nail and have to start over on just that one nail.  This will protect your polish on your other fingers when you need to do individual spot nail polish removal.

* The surface is felt and almost 100% lint free.  In the Nail Polish word, felt is used to remove difficult polishes such as glitter polishes. The quality of this felt is WAY better than any felt pieces I have purchased at craft stores.

* The pad felt is very thick and very absorbent. You can clean all ten nails with just one pad and package contains 60 pads.

* You can use these for facial products, without getting hand germs on your skin etc. I get a lot of eye infections and I am very cautious how often my fingers actually touch my face and eye area. I much rather use these to apply facial products then risking another eye infection. 

I am sure there are many many more benefits that I have not listed here. Add to comments if I missed any :) 

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