April 7, 2013

Hare Bisbee

Tonight's post is going to be slightly lacking in pictures.  I've been in Chicago since Friday, and this is the first time I was close enough to my PC to do a post.

I decided to wear Hare Bisbee for my trip. I have had this polish for awhile now, and I finally got to use it. It's a teal color. I originally wanted to call this polish turquoise, but it is more green than it is blue. In some lights it leans more green and other darker lighting it leans more bluish green. I count this as a blue for April Autism Awareness month here on the blog. I know I'm stretching it with this color, but my other April polishes will be more true blue for future posts :)

One pictures is all I got :) YUP, just one lol. Not my usual barrage of pictures. This polish only really needs just one picture. It is gorgeous in a bottle.

I get a sea, mermaid scales feel from this polish - I LOVE IT. The gold glitters are really unique as well. The color in this picture is pretty accurate for the lighting I was in.

Hope you guys like this, and I will be back soon with some of my haul stuff from Chicago!


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