December 31, 2011

NOTD - Zoya Kelly

Today I wanted to show you guys one of my favorite nail polish colors to date. It's Zoya Kelly. This color is outrageous.

First, there have been a few changes around here :) As you can see my pictures have changed (hopefully for the better). I have been wanting to mess around with lighting etc.. and I finally got around to doing it. With winter here my indoor pictures where horrible. The light color was too yellowish and everything looked like a hot mess lol. Hopefully you guys like this better.

I purchased a light box way back and finally pulled it out. I'm also using white light from an OttLite that gives a more true color. 

These pictures where only cropped and watermarked. Nothing else was done to them. As you can see my watermark has shrank and is now smack dab in the middle of my pictures. Not that I think my pics are all that and will be stolen, but I just prefer that it's there in an obnoxious place lol. 

I absolutely LOVE this color. In bright light it's a medium grey, but in dim light it leans really dark. 

I used the color lock system and it did not dry on me. Many have complained about it in the same way. I fixed that by topping it with my SV UV topcoat and cured it under a UV light. It gives it a gorgeous shine!

I am so glad I grabbed this color, it is a must have Zoya Color!

Let me know how you like the new pictures. Even though this is indoor light too, the color is really true in these pictures.


Thanks for visiting!

Christmas Mani - Dear Santa (outdoor)

Just a quick post today ....

I finally got a small peek of sunlight and went running out my house with camera in hand lol. Lately we have had nothing but dreary dark rainy days. This sun was much awaited. 

My Last post I showed you this same mani (last night) with indoor night pictures. These day time pictures really show the true beauty of this polish so I like to show both aspects when I can. 

This polish has the most amazing dimension to it. When the light hits it, you can see layers of glitter and yumminess. I ended up loving how this looks on the nail.

I take a lot of pictures because the polish looks different in various light levels and I love to show that aspect in my photos. 

I try not to edit my pictures at all if possible. Most are just cropped.  When I do do adjustments in Picasa 3 it's usually contrast only - which only darkens my skin color some.

I love this color and it seems to be a HTF. Do you guys own this polish? If so, do you like? I would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays


This is a little late. but I wanted to show you guys my Christmas Mani :) Today I used OPI: Dear Santa. I have had this for awhile, but haven't used it til today. I have A LOT of untrieds and it was nice to wear this one finally.

I haven't thought this completely threw, but for 2012 I'm going to attempt to use one untried - once a week. Not sure what day of the week yet, but it mostly likely be Saturdays/Sundays.  This is the only time I see daylight in the Winter for good blog pictures lol. I will continue to purchase and use new polishes but that can be other days inbetween. It's not fully planned out yet, but before the New Year I will announce the details. 

Back on to my nails :)

These are indoor pictures, but It's the best I can do. I usually hate posting indoor pictures.  I was so excited about using this and all my Nail polish related gifts that I just HAD to post.

I used SV Ultraviolet (UV) Top Coat. Kelly Bought me this for Christmas. 

So Sparkly and Glowing!

I figured this was the perfect named polish for today!

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to take proper pictures outdoors.

Next gift was my New Helmer and Nail Dryer!!! Whooohoo.

I already had one Helmer, but now I have a second one and much more space too. 
Santa was really nice to me this year.

This nail dryer is amazing. It has UV lights AND a Fan. There are three settings:

1. UV Light
2. Fan (Fan Blowing Only)
3. Have Both On.
It also has a timer for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 minutes.

I used it tonight (along with the SV -UV Top Coat), and I was floored by it's performance. It cured in 7 minutes, and my nails were completely dry in 10. I was up baking cookies and washing my hands after the 10 minutes, and it worked. I highly recommend this. My Dry Drops, SV,  and Posh are BYE BYE gone.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you and your family are having a Happy and Safe Holiday!

December 21, 2011

Christmas Week NOTD - Revlon Street Wear GRINCH!

I have been looking very forward to using this polish. I got this in a swap a little over a year ago. It's Revlon Street Wear Grinch :) 

I love the Grinch, and when I found out there was a polish named this - I just had to have it lol. 

Please excuse the tip wear in my pictures. This mani is almost 5 days old.  I wanted outside daytime pictures, and it has rained for 5 days straight since I put this on. I FINALLY got to get real outside pictures of it today.

This polish is so dense and sparkly. I can not stop staring at my hands.

I took this in different angles of light so you can see the gorgeousness.



Thanks so much for visiting guys and def leave comments. I love hearing from you guys!!

December 11, 2011

Wet n Wild Black with Models Own Mixed Up

Today I wanted to do something really fun. I was going for a night sky look, and I think I achieved it. I started out with Wet n Wild Black. This is truly the best black to use for layering. It's super cheap and readily available at drugstores. My base coat is Essie 'Feed Me' and then a coat of Barielle's Camo. There is no top coat on this, and look how shiny it is!!!!

I took these pictures indoor.  Not my favorite way to take pictures, but I work full time during the week and it is always dark by the time I get home. Darn winter *Shakes fist at Winter* lol!

The next picture makes me giggle. It looks like I have hair, and other foreign things stuck to my nails, but it's really just the glare off the awesome Shine (and remember this is without a top coat)!

I love how easily this applies and how smooth and shiny it is. This is the perfect black in my book. It is opaque in one thick coat or two thin coats (which is what I have done).

I then topped it off with Models Own Mixed Up. Though the Mixed up looks like it's in an opaque black base, it is not. This needs to be topped on another color. You definitely have to wear underwear with this. So far I have only tested it on black. 

I took these pictures outside once I topped it with the Mixed Up. Since it fell on a weekend I got daylight :) I wonder if I'm the only one that goes outside in the cold with a big baggy coat on to take pictures of my hands lol! I'm greatful I live in the country and my neighbors can not see me running around my deck snapping 100 pictures of my hand holding a nail polish bottle.

This came out sooooo Sparkly. I tried my best to capture this with my photos, but IRL they are amazing!!!

It has gorgeous Holo glitter that flashes so many colors (Silver, Green, Blue, Red etc). It looks like a night sky and has an awesome twinkling star effect.

I am very very very pale. Ghostly White to be honest lol. You can see that my fingers are a little red here as it was getting REALLY cold outside. My hands were freezing LOL! I do not Photo Shop my pictures. I only use Picasa 3 to crop, straighten and sometimes do auto contrast. I usually just straighten and crop as I'm too lazy to do much of anything else - ha. I also add titles when needed. 

I also topped this with a coat of Barielle's Manicure Extender, and it has been shining ever since (I did the Black Mani on Friday and then topped it with Mixed up and Manicure Extender on Saturday and took pictures)

Thanks so much for visiting!


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