December 21, 2011

Christmas Week NOTD - Revlon Street Wear GRINCH!

I have been looking very forward to using this polish. I got this in a swap a little over a year ago. It's Revlon Street Wear Grinch :) 

I love the Grinch, and when I found out there was a polish named this - I just had to have it lol. 

Please excuse the tip wear in my pictures. This mani is almost 5 days old.  I wanted outside daytime pictures, and it has rained for 5 days straight since I put this on. I FINALLY got to get real outside pictures of it today.

This polish is so dense and sparkly. I can not stop staring at my hands.

I took this in different angles of light so you can see the gorgeousness.



Thanks so much for visiting guys and def leave comments. I love hearing from you guys!!


  1. OMG Girl!!!!! I collect vintages polishes and my Street Wears are my gems - I've had a lemming for Grinch forever! Love it on you and LOVE your swatches!

  2. @ duhnay23 I am obsessed with the Street Wears too. I had a lemming for this forever, so I totally understand the feeling. There are so many more I want, but as time passes they get harder to find :(

  3. I recently swapped an extra version of Taxi I had, I'll have to let you know the next time I come across any :) I see we share the same quirky/vintage polish passion! rock on!

  4. I will do the same. When I run across them I will let you know. I do have Stain (Pale Pink) Toad (The Lighter Green one) and Prissy (Pretty pearly Pink/Pale Purpleish) that are extras that I don't want. If you need any of those let me know. They been sitting around here forever lol.



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