July 31, 2012

Indie Spotlight: Naild'it New Releases...

I am super excited to share two new polishes with you guys today. Andrea over at Naild'it sent me the following polishes to check out.  These polishes are the newest in her lineup....

Seriously, how adorable are those names?! 

First up we have Cha Cha Checkmate (I love saying that lol). 

I wore this on it's own, 3 coats with SV top coat.

Turns out, this is an awesome instant jelly sandwich!!! The color on this is a slightly brighter pink than my pictures are showing. It is not a neon, but very bright! Consider it Barbie Doll polish on steroids.

 The formula on this was great. I did have to thin it a bit, but that is just my preference. Everyone likes their polishes a certain way, and I love that with a bit of thinner I can customize it to my needs. Also, The square glitters are flat flat flat!!! There is no bending glitter what so ever in this polish. I also did not have to fish for the glitters. They easily surfaced and stuck to the the brush with a stir or two.

I decided to Matte top coat this one (surprise - surprise). This is where I had a small heart attack of joy lol. Look how beautiful this is!!

This picture does not do it justice. It is beyond outrageous once I added the Matte top coat. 

I LOVE this polish. I will be wearing this for as long as I can, as I refuse to take it off lol.  This is a definite polish to have in your collection if you like pinks. It's very different than any other pink I own.

Next up, is Purple People Teaser. All I can think of is the Purple People Eater song when I see this polish.  Do you remember that song? hehehe.

Do you see what I see? Yes, Holo Glitter!!! I almost fainted some when I took a closer look. This is three coats on it's on, also no added base color here with SV top coat.

A lot of times we will see holo glitter present in a polish, but once on the nail it's just not visible which is very frustrating. This is NOT the case here. 

 IRL it is very visible indoors and in sunlight.

I couldn't stop staring at this. Please be aware that this polish does have a 'frosty' look to it, which I normally do not like. Regardless, I ended up loving this with the combination of the beautiful pale purple color, shredded glitters and the holo glitter. I plain out fell in love with this polish.

As you can see I did not Matte top coat Purple People Eater. Just from past experience, these type of polishes do not play well with Matte top coat. The best thing to do is swatch it on a nail wheel or nail spoon, and test it with the Matte top coat before proceeding. This way you do not ruin your whole manicure.

What do you guys think? Do you LOVE or HATE these? You can purchase these both over at the Naild'it Etsy store HERE.

Thanks so much for visiting and sharing in my excitement over these polishes today.

*these polishes where sent to me for review*


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