April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!!

Purchased by Me
I had a billion ideas for my Earth Day manicure as far as nail art. I knew for sure my base would be Cirque's Lonesome George. The only problem is, once Lonesome George was on, it seemed crazy to cover it up or change it in any way. I decided to just leave it alone, and I'm glad I did! 

(Picture sources: @wonderclips.com and@Earthtimes.org)

If you love green polishes, like myself, this polish is a MUST HAVE. 

These pictures are 2 coats, indoor with artificial lighting with no top coat. I did want to take outside pictures, but as soon as I attempted to, the sun crawled into the clouds and decided to leave us for the day. Isn't that how it usually works with Holographic polishes when we want to photograph them?

Cirque describes this as: A jeweled-tone green polish with a rainbow holographic finish. I think that is a perfect description of this polish.

This is my first true holographic polish outside of the Milani 3D Holographices (which were touted as 'faint').  I now understand why there is such love for Holographic polishes, becasue like this one, they are stunning!

For the rest of my day I will be going outside to plant some grass seeds on a few bald spots I have in my yard, and to reseed my regular grass. What a perfect day to plant something!!! 

Happy Earth Day!

Purchased by Me


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