April 13, 2013

Zoya Summer 2013 PixieDust Swatches!

Press Sample

Tonight I have swatches of Zoya's Summer 2013 PixieDust collection!!! This is my first review for Zoya, and I'm very excited about it. I received my package today in the mail, and as soon as I saw how fabulous these were I knew I had to swatch them immediately for you guys.

Textured polishes have become the new big thing, and here is a first peek at the Zoya Summer Collection. I am beyond pleased with these polishes and this whole collection. The colors are  so deep and brilliant and very much my style. All the swatches are shown with no base coat, three coats, and no top coat. They dry very quickly and are really easy to apply... I just love them.

I took a ton of pictures for this post and I hope you guys enjoy these.


 Solange: This is an exclusive gold pigment that only Zoya can deliver. It is truly AMAZING. I felt like I had pure gold on my fingertips. I was so impressed with the amount of sparkle this color had. I'm usually not a fan of gold colors, but his one has won me over. This is the only polish I have in my collection that is a 'true' gold.

Beatrix: This is a beautiful tangerine color. If you look at the swatches below you can see the gorgeous depth this has. I am loving this color for the summer time.

Destiny: This polish is coral colored. This is my favorite polish of the whole collection. The color is so unique ad I really don't have anything like it. 

Miranda: this polish is a really pretty rose pink. This shade of pink is on my favorite's list.

Stevie: this polish is a pretty violet color, and my second favorite in the collection. It's the perfect purple for summer time and reminds me of Lilacs. 

I will be wearing this one for the remainder of today and into tomorrow. I just love this! 

Liberty: this polish is a deep blue and a bold in your face blue. If you are a fan of blue polishes (like myself), this is a must have.

There wasn't a color in the collection that I didn't like. I loved each one of them more than the next.

This collection is available for shipping 4/15 (or sooner) according to Zoya's. <--- click here to order. Each bottle retails for $9.00/USD or you can purchase the entire collection for $54.00/USD.


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