May 19, 2014

Barielle Spring 2014 Vibrants Collection

Press Sample 

Hi Guys,

Long time no see! I know it's been a long while since I have been here, but I kind of lost control of the daily grind that I was originally following. My schedule has recently changed and I am much more available and I want to start posting more again, so here I am :) I have swatches of the Barielle Spring 2014 Vibrants Collection...
PLEASE NOTE: I usually take pride in super sharp clear cuticle pics, but on these I didn't allow my camera to focus on my cuticles on purpose. They are a TRUE HOT MESS *don't look* lol. I haven't done this in awhile and need to seriously bring my cuticles back to looking good first before I attempt macro focus on them again.  

TOP ROW LEFT - FIRST CLASS TICKET:  This is a really pretty sky blue color. The formula on this color is excellent and goes on very smooth and you can get away with 2 coats on this polish. No real issues with this one.

TOP ROW CENTER - MONEY TALKS: This color is a really pretty mint color. This formula was a lot more fussy for me. I did have to thin this one as well (4 drops of thinner) and it acted like your typical mint polish of streaky until coat 3. Note that the first few coats actually look matte, but gets glossy as you layer.

TOP ROW RIGHT - DESIGNER'S SHOE: This one is a gorgeous dusty purple and my favorite of the collection. It goes on pretty smooth, but I did have to thin it a bit. It takes 3 coats, but it's so worth it. I love this color and is different from all the other purples I have. 

BOTTOM ROW LEFT - FIRE ME UP: This is a gorgeous Blazing Fire Orange color. The formula on this one was perfect and only takes 2 coats. NO complaints at all on this one.

BOTTOM ROW CENTER - MY CITY APARTMENT: A really pretty Grey color with Blue undertones, that I'm really loving. This formula was fussy with me as well, and I did have to thin it to cut down on the streaking. It required 3 coats, but again very worth it.

BOTTOM ROW RIGHT - TAKE ME SHOPPING: Love the name on this one lol. The formula is perfect on this color and goes on smooth and glossy. This one only requires 2 coats and it's a very pretty bright reddish pink (more on the red side).



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