January 8, 2013

Please Read :) Major Blog Change...

Hi Everyone,

I just recently updated my email address here at ThePolishHoochie Blog. During this transition, things are going to change a little for the blogs I was 'following'.

Since I had to change my email address, all the people I was following on the OLD email address need to be deleted and transfered to the NEW email address. This is not a simple task, and will take several days to complete.

If I was following your blog, and now no longer seem to be that just means I am in the process of un-following you with the old email address and re-following you with the new email address. I will let you all know when I'm done so If I don't re-follow you then you know I accidental missed you.  When I'm finished the transition, I will have a new post up where you can add your blog address for me to follow again if I did indeed miss you.

I'm really sorry for the confusion guys, but my my old email address had to go :) Thanks for the patience in my transition of email accounts.


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