June 6, 2013

Mud Mask reviews are back!!!

By Popular demand, I am finally brining back mud mask reviews to ThePolishHoochie! I started a series of reviews WAY back, and it kind of went to the way side. I now want to bring the series back.

Here are the masks I have done in the past. You can click the links below if you are interested in seeing my older reviews. I group them by company, and these are the two companies I use.

Today I was really in the mood for a good mud mask, so I grabbed for my Montagne Jeunesse Mud Pack. This packaging always gets my attention. Whomever is designing packaging for this company is doing an amazing job. The packages always have bright shocking fun eye catching colors, and fun layouts of the models with the masks on.
I am a closet mud mask addict, and that's putting it lightly.  Here is my collection to date, but it grows daily. I purchase mine at Walmart and Walgreens, so every time I am out shopping I pick one or two up. The price point is between $1.99 and $2.50, depending where you shop. I have a list on my Iphone of the masks I already own so I don't double buy ones I already have :) It's always a fun adventure to see if I can find a new one that I don't already own.


Anti Stress mask with Dead Sea Salt to ultra deep pore cleanse. As the package suggested, I started with a clean face and applied warm water (with no soap or cleaners) to open the pores up on my face.
Normal, Oily and T-Zone Skin
The mask is a whitish mud mask. I'm not sure what mask they are advertising on the packaging, but it's not deep blue in color at all. It is a stark white with a very very small tinge of pale blue, while the mud is wet and dry.  I was kind of looking forward to the deep blue color that was shown on the package, so that was a small let down lol. It was a typical mud mask texture and it was very smooth and easily spread and applied on my face.

The scent on this one is a bit strange to describe. It smells like a man's shaving cream. That is the best way I can describe it. It's a clean soapy smell that is very pleasing to me. It's how my husband smells when he comes out of the shower after he shaves. It is not unpleasant in any way, just has a more of a masculine smell to me. No floral scents here, which for me is great because I hate heavy floral scents on my face. To me this was a really nice smell.

The mask felt really cool and refreshing going on while the mud was still wet. I love how the texture of the mud felt, which was very smooth and easy to apply. It hardened as it dried on my face, but not a harsh drying. It did not get rock stiff or feel like it was pulling at my skin. We all have tried a mask like that at one point. I have had masks that were physically painful when drying - pulling at my skin and the small baby hairs on my face - OUCH!!!! I am pleased to say that this mask does not. Though it dries 'hard', you can still easily move your face (smile, speak, etc..) without any major issues.

Really SOFT AND SMOOTH. It felt so soft and so refreshing. It really made my face feel clean after rinsing. The was no harsh over drying of my skin on this one either. I did apply moisturizer to my face afterward, (which is always recommended after masking), but only a very small amount.

Two BIG thumbs up on this one. This is a real winner and I want to stock up on these. I will be repeating this one and keeping it on my 'got to' mask list when I feel like I want a really nice deep clean. I highly recommend this one.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for future masks  reviews headed your way here at ThePolishHoochie :)


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