August 27, 2012

Dollish Polish Wicked Wario

Evening everyone :) I hope everyone is having a nice evening, and for those of you who are in the path of Hurricane Isaac my prayers are with you and your families to stay safe. 

Also, we are SOOOOO close to 400 followers here. That means it is almost giveaway time!!! Stay tuned for that...

I also wanted to thank all the many new followers I picked up on ThePolishHoochie Facebook page. I'm loving showing you guys nail mail and much more there.

Tonight we are at the second to the last polish in the Dollish Polish Mario Collection Swatch Marathon! It's coming close to the end of this swatchaton.

Tonight is Wicked Wario! I have this thing about layering purple glitters over green. It really makes the deep purples pop with excitement. This is 2 coats of Essie Mojito Madness with 2 coats of Wicked Wario.

The glitters in this are super pretty, there is super fine purple and green micro glitter, white square glitter and gold hex glitter. I love the touch of gold in this one. These colors remind me of Mardi Gras. How fun is that?!

Wario was my favorite character in the Mario Games lol.  This is really one of my favorites in this collection as well. Can you say LOVE:) 

I did have to place the white glitters, but they easily stuck to the brush with stirring. I didn't want too many of them on the nail, but you can add more of course. I love how these polishes (depending on base color choice and thickness of application) have a unique look on each person.

This one was so sparkly on the nail. I hate to have to take this off so soon. 

Thanks so much for visiting! Stay tuned for tomorrow night and the final polish in the series!


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