March 21, 2010

NCAA Konad Design

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but my household has been glued to the NCAA Basketball March Madness Tournament the last several days. Like faces nail glued to the TV screen :P

Speaking of Basketball, here is my Konad design I created for Basketball this week. I only just started Konading and this is just my second attempt and I wanted to do something Basketball oriented. The base color is Nicole by O.P.I. Fresh Squeezed which is part of their new 2010 Spring release that just came out. I came across this at my Shopko, but they can also be found at Walmart. Make sure you check the core line racks at Walmart - I don't believe they have the special display.

This was done on a 4 day old Manicure so it's not top notch. It's pretty much faded and grown out but I think this is the best way to test Konad when you are new at it like myself. Instead of removing the manicure I Konad on it, and get one more day of wear. If I mess up the practice Konad, then I take everything off as originally planned. So far the method has worked the last two times with no fails :)

(Nicole by O.P.I.: Fresh Squeezed, Orly: Shine and Konad Plate M7)
I now have Basketball Sneaker Nails :)

Thanks for stopping by!


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