May 4, 2010

BB Couture Frosty Meadow

Sorry for my long absence, but life has been so crazy for me these past few weeks. I have been doing some serious outside work on the house that I have been planning since I moved here a couple of years ago.  I have to re-stain the deck and have about a billion new pieces of deck furniture to put together YES a billion hahaha. I also have a huge area in the back yard that had gotten to be a mess.  I started piling things back there that were junk when I cleaned out the garage (YIKES). It started out small throwing things out there that were needing to be trashed, and then it got worse and worse.  It started to look like a junk yard back there *embarrassed* lol. I'm thankful I am far from neighbors and the eye sore was only visible to me *hides in shame* :)  Well, I finally got a dumpster and cleaned house :) I can't tell you how great and accomplished I feel.  I also dug out all the flowers beds too.  The previous owners had put down wood around the beds and it was rotted and old.  I dug them all up 7 GIANT flower beds all around the house.  I also cut down more trees and bushes than I can remember counting.  More like weeds and dead brush lol.  It took a good while, but it's almost done!!! I am now lining the beds with beautiful stones and planting all new bushes and flowers.  I'm adding water fountains, bird baths and all kinds of fun garden things around the entire house.  It so improved I'm shocked...It is starting to look like one of those major yard overhauls you see on HGTV lol.  I took before pictures, during and of course and I will take after pictures as well.  I'll post them here when I get a chance :) I have done so much work it's crazy and yes girls I used gloves BUT ....

Of course I destroyed my nails :( I had to cut them all down and I smashed the heck out of my middle finger nail.  REALLY BAD ouchy.  I tore the poor thing to shreads. So please keep that in mind on my pictures. I now have lovely shorties and a smashed to death middle nail lol (nothing gross looking I promise).  It's going to take a long time before it starts looking normal again, but thankfully the polish hides a lot.
 Now on to the nails :) Today my BB Couture haul showed up *YIPEE dance*.  I ordered all greens.  I looked them all over and totally fell head over heels for Frosty Meadow - IT'S FABULOUS!!! Okay enough blah blah from me (hehehehe)... on to the pictures 

Love the green/gold and speckle glitter in this polish!

You can see how badly I messed up my middle finger nail :( 

I figure in about 2 - 3 weeks it will look undetectable - Hopefully!!!

Thanks for visiting :) and thanks for all the lovely comments that were left while I was gone.


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