August 23, 2010

Free Nail Polish??

Okay Okay - I know all of you have heard many times before there are ways to get free stuff online, but most of it is a serious scam (at least that's my experience).  You have to fill out all these weird surveys and give out your personal information to several unknown companies that just turn around and end up spamming your inbox, and you never get anything in return. Well I found something that is not a scam, and I have gotten FREE NAIL POLISH with it :) Yup you heard me right ...FREE.

A friend sent me over to it. I was hesitant at first, but decided what the heck I'll give it a try since I trust her and know she wouldn't send me somewhere strange lol.. Well it is not a scam at all (I would never promote this unless I knew for sure it wasn't).  It's called Swagbucks and if you use there search engine (just like you use Google and Yahoo for your daily searches on the internet) you earn what are called Swagbucks. You use your Swagbucks and trade them in for PAYPAL dollars, gift cards and even Sephora Gift cards.  Then you can turn around and use the gift cards to buy FREE nail polish. Akkkk - how cool is that! And ....if you're a little insane :P and want something else other than nail polish, then there are all kinds of great gift cards to grab. Some people I have met using it are saving up for a free WII system :)

Again this is not a scam - I promise you. I little pinky swear. I'm an everyday normal person and would never do anything scammy (especially to my faithful readers). It does take some time to accumulate Swagbucks, but who cares, in the end you end up with free stuff for something you where doing anyways (searching on the internet).  It's a great idea even for a Christmas fund, where people save up all year then cash out at one time for Holiday gifts. 

Her are a few fun facts about using Swagbucks....

1. Treasure hunting - The fun part is daily codes that help you gather up additional Swagbucks (outside of just using the search engine).  Most of the codes you have to treasure hunt to find and it's so fun. There is a huge community on Twitter and Facebook to follow along with other players. I love that part - I love hunting for codes! 

2. You can earn bonus Swagbcuks just for shopping at your fav places online. Just a few places that honor this are, Sally's and even Sephora. That's just fabulous - lol.  You earn 2 Swagbucks for ever dollar you spend at those online shops. There are also tons more retailers (over 100) in there shopping section. The Swagbucks pile up when you you utilize that feature.

3. You can take daily surveys (that I love to do).  They are safe and stored right on the home page on your account.  I just did one where you get to watch TV commercials and let them know what you think of them. CHA CHING 150 Swagbucks in 15 minutes lol. An 5$ Gift card is 450 Swagbucks so you can easily get it to add up just doing surveys.

If you're interested in it just click the link in my left sidebar or click HERE. Yes I do benefit from referrals (I get extra Swagbucks) but you benefit too.  You start with 30 free Swagbucks using my link (instead of 0). 

Thanks for listening to me babble about my new obsession of Swagbucks.  I'm currently unemployeed so for me a dollar is a dollar and I got 10$'s in less than a few weeks. It's free nail polish for me.

(UPDATE ON TOTALS: 20$ PAYPAL and 50$ AMAZON as of Sept 20 - 2010)


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