September 27, 2012

Review of Naild'it Girls Gone Wild in Camo

As promised, here is Orly Buried Alive all blinged out :) I decided to use Naild'it Girls Gone Wild In Camo. I wanted something Fall oriented, and this works perfectly for the look I was going for.

There are so many fun colors in this polish. It's so unique that I'm going to use the description from Naild'it for this one...

Girls Gone Wild in Camo is a loaded glitter nail polish with browns, tans, blacks, greens, with hints of "hunter" orange, and everything girly pinks and reds... and last but not least gun metal (of course).

The color is unlike anything else I have. 

Sometimes people complain that indies can start to all look the same after a while, but this one stands on it's own for me.

How pretty is this?! I love the pinks so much more than I expected I would in this combo. I think it's perfect for a Fall look, even with the pinks added. The gorgeous green and orange glitters make it very Fall like for me.

Just so you guys know, my pics above only have one thin coat of Grand Central Station top coat. I got so excited, I took pics before I put on my final top coat of Seche Vite to smooth it all out (rookie mistake lol). I usually do one thin coat of Grand Central Station, one thin coat of Seche Vite, and one last THICK coat of Seche Vite. It works for me for getting a smooth glass finish with no 'shrinkage' that Seche Vite is famous for (when polish pulls away from the free edge and looks like the ends are worn). It's now 100% smooth on me with no shrinkage - yippee!!!

What do you guys think? Is this polish drool worthy for you guys - Yeah or Nay?

Naild'it is currently going through a transition to sales on Llarowe. Follow Naild'it on Facebook for sale dates and locations.

*Girls Gone Wild in Camo was sent to me for my honest review*


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