April 24, 2013

Zoya Irresistible Collection!

Press Sample
Today I have another Zoya Summer 2013 collection, called Irresistible. The following polishes are so much more impressive on the nail than in the bottle. These polishes are amazing! Read on...

Each of the polishes shown are 2 coats with one coat of Essie Good to Go top coat.

KERRY: A gold metallic foil, Zoya describes all these polishes as 'metallic foils'. I totally agree with the foil part of the description, they are very foil like. 

AMY: A bright red/orange foil that is super pretty. It leans more on the orange side than it does red. This polish reminds me of flames and is  stunning. 

TINSLEY: This one stands out in the collection for me because of how unique it is. It's described by Zoya as a 'rose gold metallic foil', and that is exactly what it is. It has an old school rose feel to me. The words classic and antique come to mind for me when looking at this polish. If there is only one polish you can purchase in this collection, I would suggest it be this one. 

BOBBI: A hot magenta pink metallic foil, that is GORGEOUS to say the least. The pictures show the wild hot pink flashes in this one. This is a perfect color for the summer. Pair this with any hot pink clothing item and it would be stunning!

HAZEL: A blue green metallic foil. This does have a touch a green in it, but it is not a teal color, it pulls mainly blue. It's a pretty smokey blue. It makes me also think of the word antique. it reminds of the blue that old china dishes are made of.

RIKKI: A fern green metallic foil. I hate to sound like I'm repeating myself, but again the words smokey and antique come to mind again. A super classy green. For those of you that are afraid of greens, this would be a great one to come over to the dark side with lol.

The collection is really amazing and very different to other textures that are out there at the moment. It was difficult to remove each color to move on to the next. I will definitely be pulling these polishes out again in the future to use again.

These polishes are available at Zoya.com and retail for $8.00 USD/bottle and $48.00 USD for the complete set.

What do you guys think about these? I would love to hear what you think on this very unique collection.

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April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!!

Purchased by Me
I had a billion ideas for my Earth Day manicure as far as nail art. I knew for sure my base would be Cirque's Lonesome George. The only problem is, once Lonesome George was on, it seemed crazy to cover it up or change it in any way. I decided to just leave it alone, and I'm glad I did! 

(Picture sources: @wonderclips.com and@Earthtimes.org)

If you love green polishes, like myself, this polish is a MUST HAVE. 

These pictures are 2 coats, indoor with artificial lighting with no top coat. I did want to take outside pictures, but as soon as I attempted to, the sun crawled into the clouds and decided to leave us for the day. Isn't that how it usually works with Holographic polishes when we want to photograph them?

Cirque describes this as: A jeweled-tone green polish with a rainbow holographic finish. I think that is a perfect description of this polish.

This is my first true holographic polish outside of the Milani 3D Holographices (which were touted as 'faint').  I now understand why there is such love for Holographic polishes, becasue like this one, they are stunning!

For the rest of my day I will be going outside to plant some grass seeds on a few bald spots I have in my yard, and to reseed my regular grass. What a perfect day to plant something!!! 

Happy Earth Day!

Purchased by Me

April 19, 2013

Zoya Stunning Collection!

Press Sample
I received these in the mail today, and I am seriously impressed by this collection. On first glance you may think these are just the same old colors, but they really are not! These are worth a closer look. The following swatches are 2 coats each with a top coat of Seche Vite.

DARCY: Zoya describes this polish as a 'Sunny Yellow Cream', and I totally agree. This yellow is now my new favorite yellow. The formula was near perfect on this polish. We all know how yellow polishes can be thick and difficult to apply, Darcy says otherwise!

Thandie: Zoya describes this polish as 'Citrus Orange Cream'. I agree with the Orange part, but it definitely has a coral undertone to it as well. I have a feeling this polish will be the most popular in the collection because it's so unique and gorgeous! The formula was even better on this than Darcy, and it was effortless to apply.

Micky: Zoya describes this as a 'Coral Cream'. I wouldn't call this Coral at all, not even a little bit. To me it is more of a bubble gum pink. I'm a little confused at the coral name/reference here. It makes me think Barbie Pink! lol. Again, another perfect formula.

Yana: Zoya describes this polish as 'Rubine Red Cream'. I LOVE this polish and it is my favorite of the entire collection. There is a hidden shimmer in this one, and If you look closely at my middle finger you can see it. If you can only purchase one color in this collection, this should be it!

Josie: Zoya describes this a 'Grassy Green Cream', and that is exactly what it is. I'm a lover of greens, and this is no exception. Another beautiful formula on this one. It reminds me of a Golf course :) that perfect grass color. If only my lawn could look this good!

Rocky: Zoya describes this polish as 'Serene Blue Creme'. This blue has quickly stepped into the top spot for blue in my collection. This was the best of all the formulas and was PERFECT! This polish practically applied itself. I don't think I have a polish with a more perfect formula than this, I was so impressed. I love it, and did not want to take it off.

 Zoya has really been impressive lately, and this collection is another example of that. These are the perfect fun bright colors for the Summer. These polishes are available at Zoya.com and retail for $8.00 USD/bottle and $48.00 USD for the complete set.

Press Sample

Zoya Earth Day Polish Exchange!

Zoya nail Polish Exchange banner

Announcing the 2013 Zoya Nail Polish Exchange*

Hooray for Earth Day! Once again, Zoya is helping you do a little spring cleaning with the return of the Earth Day Zoya Nail Polish Exchange* for 2013. Clean out your nail polish wardrobe and get rid of old nail polish that may not be BIG5FREE (Free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP and Camphor) and exchange it for a greener alternative - long lasting, award winning, healthy Zoya Nail Polish bottles!

Now's the perfect time to make the switch to an eco-chic beauty routine! From April 19, 2013 - April 26, 2013 (11:59PM EST), exchange your old, unwanted nail color for toxin-free ZOYA Nail Polish for only $4 per bottle plus shipping and handling fees. Rest assured - ZOYA will properly dispose of your old polish. 

Here's all you need to do!
1.  Go to www.zoya.com and pick out the polishes you would like (excludes all Zoya PixieDust™ Collection shades) and add them to your cart. You must select at least 6 bottles and no more than 24 bottles of polish (Salon accounts minimum 12 maximum 48 bottles.)

2. Apply the code (copy and paste for best results):

3. Your order value will be adjusted to reflect a 50% discount (we use these funds to properly dispose of the old nail polish).

4. SUBMIT your order!

Then Zoya will ship out your NEW polish! HOORAY! This is how your order should look like..

Once you get your order  
Here's where the exchanging* happens...

1.     Ship back the equivalent number of bottles you received to the return address below (ie. If you ordered 6 bottles of Zoya – you would send us 6 NON-ZOYA polishes). Please check with your carrier on the proper way to ship nail polish.
2.     Include a copy of your order. 
To clarify the exchange: You do not have to send us the exact amount of bottles that you are ordering. You can send any quantity up to that amount. You can also donate. If you decide you don't want to do either, it's ok "Offer is not contingent on customer returning polish" we will still love you and will send the Zoya polishes... we'll just send you on a guilt trip for a while :)
Ship Your Old Nail Polish To:
Art of Beauty, Inc.
c/o Polish Exchange
5060 Taylor Rd, Unit D
Cleveland, Ohio, 44128, USA
Once we receive your polish, we do the rest! It’s that simple!
The bottles you send in cannot be Zoya, Qtica or Nocti polishes (but they can be any other brand). We are using the honor code here folks! We want to make sure you get your Zoya Nail Polish! We send you the polish first then you send your old polish back to us! If you do choose to send us your old polish we promise to properly dispose of it according to EPA guidelines. This offer is only good for 1 week so hurry – Don’t Wait!
*Offer valid online at www.zoya.com only. Offer expires on 4/26/2012 at 11:59PM EST. Continental US ONLY. Not valid with any other codes, coupons or promotions. Shipping and handling fees apply. Consumer accounts must exchange a minimum of 6 polishes with a 24 bottle maximum. Salon accounts must exchange at least 12 with a maximum of 48 bottles. Polish can be from any brand EXCEPT Zoya, Qtica or Nocti and can be exchanged for in-stock .5oz Zoya Nail Polish. Excludes all Zoya PixieDust™ Collection shades. Offer is not contingent on customer returning polish. Zoya Exchange code is unique and non-transferable. One code per account. Art of Beauty is not responsible for incorrect addresses, credit card entry errors or errors associated with declined credit cards. Please allow standard time for processing and shipping, however if volume is higher than expected please allow up to 6 weeks for shipping and processing. Art of Beauty, Inc. reserves the right to remove any polish that is out of stock from your order. You will not be charged for this polish. Backordered polish is not included in this promotion.

My first Julep Maven Starter Box!

Purchased by Me
I finally took the plunge and signed up for the Julep Maven Monthly Box. I contemplated it for months and months, and I finally went for it...about time already lol. 

I received my first introductory starter box, and wanted to show you guys what was included....

I picked the BOHO GLAM starter b0x and it included 4 Items.

ITEM 1 - Sample of Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub

I'm anxious to try this out. I have basically run out of my current hand scrub and I am currently looking for a replacement, so this sample comes at a perfect time. I love using hand scrubs after I use my cuticle remover to help get off all that dead skin from the cuticle removal process.

ITEM 2: Julep Instant Warming Foot Scrub

This is another awesome product for me. I LOVE LOVE foot products lol. I can not wait to use this. I'm big into foot masks, foot scrubs, foot lotions and foot sprays...anything for the feet.


I am loving both of these colors. Robin looks exactly like a Robin Egg and Stefani is a gorgeous black. I decided since we are still in April that I would swatch ROBIN since I promised blue manicures for Autism Awareness for April.

This is my very first Julep polish and I can say, I didn't really love it. The formula on this particular color was a bit thick for me and I thinned the death out of it. Once I added the thinner it was better, but by no means perfect. I have a lot of these 'Tiffany' type color polishes and they are all similar to this in formula (too thick), so I will not judge Julep by this polish alone. 

I decided to spruce it up a bit with a Jordana Glitter, in Cosmic. I purchased this a Kmart a couple of years ago and I finally broke it open today.

It's a simple glitter with just two sizes. There is a small fine micro glitter in  blue, and gorgeous medium sized hex shaped glitter in teal and silver holo so you get a rainbow of colors reflecting off them. It's super pretty and a lovely match for Robin.

This was very pretty and very sparkly, to say the least. More so than even my pictures show.

If you look closely above you can see pink, greens, blues etc reflecting of the silver holo hex glitter, so amazing.

I can not wait to get my first official Maven Box. Of course, I will share it here when I receive it. 

If you are interested in becoming a Maven you can click the picture below to sign up...

Thanks so much for visiting guys and see you again soon!!!

Purchased by Me

April 13, 2013

Zoya Summer 2013 PixieDust Swatches!

Press Sample

Tonight I have swatches of Zoya's Summer 2013 PixieDust collection!!! This is my first review for Zoya, and I'm very excited about it. I received my package today in the mail, and as soon as I saw how fabulous these were I knew I had to swatch them immediately for you guys.

Textured polishes have become the new big thing, and here is a first peek at the Zoya Summer Collection. I am beyond pleased with these polishes and this whole collection. The colors are  so deep and brilliant and very much my style. All the swatches are shown with no base coat, three coats, and no top coat. They dry very quickly and are really easy to apply... I just love them.

I took a ton of pictures for this post and I hope you guys enjoy these.


 Solange: This is an exclusive gold pigment that only Zoya can deliver. It is truly AMAZING. I felt like I had pure gold on my fingertips. I was so impressed with the amount of sparkle this color had. I'm usually not a fan of gold colors, but his one has won me over. This is the only polish I have in my collection that is a 'true' gold.

Beatrix: This is a beautiful tangerine color. If you look at the swatches below you can see the gorgeous depth this has. I am loving this color for the summer time.

Destiny: This polish is coral colored. This is my favorite polish of the whole collection. The color is so unique ad I really don't have anything like it. 

Miranda: this polish is a really pretty rose pink. This shade of pink is on my favorite's list.

Stevie: this polish is a pretty violet color, and my second favorite in the collection. It's the perfect purple for summer time and reminds me of Lilacs. 

I will be wearing this one for the remainder of today and into tomorrow. I just love this! 

Liberty: this polish is a deep blue and a bold in your face blue. If you are a fan of blue polishes (like myself), this is a must have.

There wasn't a color in the collection that I didn't like. I loved each one of them more than the next.

This collection is available for shipping 4/15 (or sooner) according to Zoya's. <--- click here to order. Each bottle retails for $9.00/USD or you can purchase the entire collection for $54.00/USD.

April 7, 2013

Hare Bisbee

Tonight's post is going to be slightly lacking in pictures.  I've been in Chicago since Friday, and this is the first time I was close enough to my PC to do a post.

I decided to wear Hare Bisbee for my trip. I have had this polish for awhile now, and I finally got to use it. It's a teal color. I originally wanted to call this polish turquoise, but it is more green than it is blue. In some lights it leans more green and other darker lighting it leans more bluish green. I count this as a blue for April Autism Awareness month here on the blog. I know I'm stretching it with this color, but my other April polishes will be more true blue for future posts :)

One pictures is all I got :) YUP, just one lol. Not my usual barrage of pictures. This polish only really needs just one picture. It is gorgeous in a bottle.

I get a sea, mermaid scales feel from this polish - I LOVE IT. The gold glitters are really unique as well. The color in this picture is pretty accurate for the lighting I was in.

Hope you guys like this, and I will be back soon with some of my haul stuff from Chicago!

April 4, 2013

Stamping Plates anyone?...

Purchased by Me
Tonight I'm going to show you my some of my stamping plates. I finally took the leap and purchased all the Bundle Monster Plates. Currently there are 3 sets with Bundle Monster: 2010, 2011, and 2012.  

I did not photograph all 71 plates since the pictures would make this the longest blog post ever lol. If you would like a closer look at the sets, just click the links above, and you will be taken to the Bundle Monster website to have a closer look. 

I also purchased the Bundle Monster stamping plate holder. I really hadn't see this on many posts, so I took a chance with this item. I figured otherwise, trying to find a home for all these new plates would be a challange. 

 I LOVE THE HOLDER. This is the smartest thing ever created for stampers. 

Each page hold 12 plates, (6 plates on each side), and the holder has 14 pages.  That is a lot of plate storage.

I purchased two of these.

I have my Bundle Monster Plates in one holder and my Winstonia Plates/Konad Plates in another. That allows plenty of room to expand in the future with all the empty pages I have. These holders retail on Bundle Monster for $14.99 USD, and can be found >HERE<. The Bundle Monster site describes the holder as: a modern shiny vinyl, faux-croc skin textured outter cover with a soft velvet-like lining. 

 The holders are so soft and pliable. I love these holders and I can not rave about them enough. My plates are so organized and easy to find now. I highly recommend these.

I also purchased the new Winstonia Plate set. This set is brand new, and I was happy to be able to order it with a discount coupon. 

Picture Source: www.winstoniastore.com

This set retails for $15.99 USD on Winstonia's Web site >HERE<. They offer a lot of discount codes, so if you follow them on Facebook you won't miss out on any of the available sale codes.

I now have Bundle Monster, Winstonia and Konad plates. Here is a picture of a plate from each of the sets.

As you can see above, the whole nail images on the Bundle Monster 2010 plates are very tiny, and Bundle Monster increased the size with later plates. The Konad full nail stamps are also smaller.  Knowing the different sizes really helped me when I was purchasing. Be aware of the image sizes when purchasing.

I still have a lot of practice to go on this stamping thing. It does take some practice for sure. I did use my BM's plates on part of my recent Syracuse Nails >HERE<. Stay tuned for more stamping projects!


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