April 19, 2013

Zoya Stunning Collection!

Press Sample
I received these in the mail today, and I am seriously impressed by this collection. On first glance you may think these are just the same old colors, but they really are not! These are worth a closer look. The following swatches are 2 coats each with a top coat of Seche Vite.

DARCY: Zoya describes this polish as a 'Sunny Yellow Cream', and I totally agree. This yellow is now my new favorite yellow. The formula was near perfect on this polish. We all know how yellow polishes can be thick and difficult to apply, Darcy says otherwise!

Thandie: Zoya describes this polish as 'Citrus Orange Cream'. I agree with the Orange part, but it definitely has a coral undertone to it as well. I have a feeling this polish will be the most popular in the collection because it's so unique and gorgeous! The formula was even better on this than Darcy, and it was effortless to apply.

Micky: Zoya describes this as a 'Coral Cream'. I wouldn't call this Coral at all, not even a little bit. To me it is more of a bubble gum pink. I'm a little confused at the coral name/reference here. It makes me think Barbie Pink! lol. Again, another perfect formula.

Yana: Zoya describes this polish as 'Rubine Red Cream'. I LOVE this polish and it is my favorite of the entire collection. There is a hidden shimmer in this one, and If you look closely at my middle finger you can see it. If you can only purchase one color in this collection, this should be it!

Josie: Zoya describes this a 'Grassy Green Cream', and that is exactly what it is. I'm a lover of greens, and this is no exception. Another beautiful formula on this one. It reminds me of a Golf course :) that perfect grass color. If only my lawn could look this good!

Rocky: Zoya describes this polish as 'Serene Blue Creme'. This blue has quickly stepped into the top spot for blue in my collection. This was the best of all the formulas and was PERFECT! This polish practically applied itself. I don't think I have a polish with a more perfect formula than this, I was so impressed. I love it, and did not want to take it off.

 Zoya has really been impressive lately, and this collection is another example of that. These are the perfect fun bright colors for the Summer. These polishes are available at Zoya.com and retail for $8.00 USD/bottle and $48.00 USD for the complete set.

Press Sample


  1. Such gorgeous colors! I especially like Josie. I just ordered this collection using the Earth Day promo, so I can't wait to receive them.

  2. These polishes are vibrant and beautiful!

  3. Love Jana and Josie! Lovely!
    Great swatches!

  4. Did you find Rocky really thick? I just got it and applied it, immediately thinking it might need some thinner. I didn't add any (don't own any...), but many nails are fine with just one coat; the rest are -almost- there, and with it being so thick, I'll have to wait a while for the second coat.



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