October 19, 2010

My Nail Polish Makeup Room :)

First, I want to apologize for my absence.  I finally got a full time job and I'm actually working 2 jobs now - over 60 hours a week. Adjusting to doing that, running my blog, doing my nails and ....AND making time for real life LOL!! Needless to say, it's a tough one hahaha - so I'm working on it.  Thank you all for continuing to follow and sticking it out with me!

Second, I wanted to show you my completed Makeup and Nail Polish Room. I am so excited about sharing this.  A lot of blood sweat and tears went into converting this room lol, and I'm so proud of it.  This post is not for bragging rights - I just wanted to share with my fellow nail polish lovers my new little space in life. 

Many of you may not know, so I will give you a little history.  I had an extra spare bedroom in my home that was not being used.  It basically had a bed in it and a double closet filled with junk. The room was so drab and unlived in, and one day I got the idea to set this up as Makeup and Nail Polish Area for myself. Please be aware that this is a pretty long post with lots of pictures! So sorry to my dail-up followers.
So enough blah blah and on to the room lol.  Here are the results.....(please note: you can click on any of the pictures to make them larger for a closer look)

This is the first part of the room, and my favorite part (okay I love it all), but I love having a TV in my room to keep me company when I'm doing my nails :) The TV stand was purchased at Lowe's and YES it has a fake fireplace lol.  This room tends to be a little cool in the winter time, so I love the option of being able to turn on the fireplace and watch the flames dance around while I get all warm and toasty.

The stand up Mirror to the left was purchased at Sutterlands and I was lucky and caught a 50% off sale.  This gorgeous real wood frame mirror only cost me 50$!!! I just couldn't pass it up. I can not get dressed without having a full view of myself before I run out the door, such a lovely option to have.

The picture above the TV I purchased at a picture shop when I was at Lake of The Ozarks in Missouri - 30 dollars! Talk about a bargain.  I love Marylin Monroe and I knew I wanted to cover my walls with as many pictures of her as I could.

The two collage pictures to the right and left of the TV I made myself. I purchased the frames at Bed Bath and Beyond and clipped pictures from magazines. Here is a close up of those too. This is an awesome cheap way to decorate your room.

These were kinda hard to snap pictures of on a sunny day with sunlight shining in from my windows. Excuse the glare :)

Next up is the area where I keep my Helmer and Side table that contain all my polish items.

This end table (and the Helmer) where both Purchased at Ikea.  The red globe light as well.  The little basket with my remotes in them was purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Here is a close up of the items I have in my side table.

This is where I keep all my items for doing a full manicure.  I wont list everything here, but if you have any questions as to what is what - just leave it in the comments and I will let you know.

The above picture I love so much so I just had to share it too.  I also purchased this at Lake of The Ozarks, MO. It looks like it was hand painted (with brush strokes visible) and I got it in a cute shop for only 9$'s. I just had to have it since it goes so nicely with my theme :) 

To the left of my helmer I have a queen size bed.  I sometimes have stay over night guests that love this room and it's a great spot for watching the TV.  The bed set is a Steve Madden and was purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond during Valentine's Day 2010.  It was perfect and exactly the design I was looking for. I can not tell you how many sets I looked at before I choose this lol.

Next is the closet...yes the closet LOL.... 

Here is where all the magic happens LOL.  This is a double closet with the doors removed.  An awesome place to do my hair, makeup and nails without taking space inside the room itself. The table and mirror where purchased at Ikea and The swivel chair is from Bed Bath and beyond.  The side currents are one of my favorite parts of this area.  I wanted something elegant but as you all know curtain panels can get really expensive.  I was lucky and found these at my local Lowe's for 13$'s a panel! The walls are painted Ed Hardy Pink lol.  I used an Ed Hardy perfume bottle that I took to Lowe's to have them color match. The guy thought I was a little crazy hahahaha, but I love the color. I love the red and pink combination so much and I hope you guys like it too.  I wanted girly but elegant and I'm hoping I did that.  Let me know what you think - even if it's vomit inducing for you lol.

Here's a closer look at the inside of the closet....

Hangs head in shame at the empty nail polish rack on wall lol. Since these pictures have been taken - the rack is now full.  It's actually a spice rack - and I thought it made for a great polish rack.

To the left of my nail/makeup table I added more needed storage. 

I purchased this at Ikea as well and it houses so much stuff I can't begin to list it all hahaha.  If you guys are interested in the insides, leave me a comment and I can always do an additional post and show you what's in my drawers lol.  But I will only do that if you guys ask.

To the right of my nail/makeup table is yet MORE storage. You can never have enough :)

This cabinet was purchased at Bed Bath and beyond.  This houses my perfumes up top and all my hair products below.  If you had the same dry, frizzy out of control unruly hair that I have - you would need all this too and more LOL. It's actually been collected over a long period of time and NO I don't use it all at once hehehe.

Next is a close up of my very tiny perfume collection ...

and here is all my hair products....

Phew - that was a lot.  If you made it this far you are a tropper :) finally here are a few loft over random shots 

Thank you so much for taking a room tour with me.  I hope you guys like how it all turned out.  I have been working hard to get it completed.  I have ALWAYS wanted an area like this forever.  I tried to include as much info as I could, but just let me know in the comments if you need to know any details on anything.  I love looking at others projects and writing down where things come from so I can duplicate them, so I tried to include info on as much as I could.  If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

So did I do good? does it make you want to vomit hehehe? I would love to hear what you all think!



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