January 16, 2012

NOTD - Savvy Femme Couture - Orange Overload

Today's NOTD is Orange Overload by Savvy Femme Couture. I purchased this polish at Sally's Beauty Supply on clearance for just under a few dollars. I have never purchased this brand before, so I decide the price was right to try it out. This orange really caught my eye.

I needed a palette cleanser from all the dark colors I was wearing, but I'm just not ready to jump into the pale shades yet. I like that type polish colors better for Spring. I'm just not ready for the nudes and the pale shades just yet. I'm also very very pale and lighter colors get lost on me. Orange usually is not a popular color, but I just adore it and it's my palette cleanser for today.

I have to say the formula on this was super impressive. I really love thin formula polishes, and this is one of them. I could apply this with my eyes closed :) I applied it in between laundry loads. It dried that fast! The only odd thing was this polish did dry Matte, and I don't believe it's a Matte polish. This was easily fixed with a shiny top coat.

There is visible nail line, but my nails are so short it's hard to tell. I actually like VNL on this color.

I love the name as well - Orange Overload. It sure is orange overload and it's a real beauty.

I would love your thoughts on this one. A lot of times we wear colors that appeal to our own eye, but others see them as not so pretty. You won't hurt my feelings - fire away!


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