November 16, 2010

Essie Bordeaux....and some PAIN lol

I know it's been awhile since I posted but I now have a VERY BUSY Holiday job and I barely have time to breathe these days hehehehe, but I'm trying to do my best til the pace slows down in January :) 

Here are some pics of my last manicure.  These are not my best pictures, but I had to go with them.  Here is the 'PAIN' part of my post.  Just after I did the manicure I was chopping potatoes and my kitty distracted me for just a second and I cut my finger badly. I almost took the tip off my left hand index finger :( I cut it so bad it's still bleeding (2 days later). It's a very tiny cut, but its very deep. These pictures were taken just before that happened.  I planned to retake the pictures but my finger now is a mess and way too graphic so I'm going with the original pics.  

I LOVE LOVE THIS COLOR!! It's GORGEOUS to say the least, and the formula is so amazing that it makes me wanna run out and buy a ton of Essie lol. 

 Pure Bliss! I'm so in love with this color.

 I guess I will have to start taking pictures of my opposite hand until my cut heals.  It should be interesting to switch hands lol. 

Thanks so much for visiting and stay tuned if you're a LUSH lover.  I have an awesome post coming in the next couple of days for LUSH.


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