May 30, 2014

Zoya Summer 2014 Bubbly Collection with Swatches

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Today I have a FABULOUS set of polishes to show you guys. This is the new Zoya Bubbly Summer 2014 Collection, and it is beyond mind blowing. Easily this is my favorite polish for this year so far.  I will warn you ahead of time this post is going to be very very picture heavy lol.


This was a great formula and went on super easy, and was actually FUN FUN to apply. All the polishes in the collection, including this one, have gold micro glitters and a slightly larger holographic glitter. They are also smooth to the touch once top coat is applied. This was 3 coats and is the perfect 'BARBIE' pink, and I love it! The nice thing about this polish is if you want a lighter look (more sheer) just apply 2 coats instead and it gives the polish a whole new look.


This polish has the same formula and glitters as the last polish, and the  color is so unique. It is hard to describe, but I'm going with a blush wine color. Pretty pretty and I love the way the gold shines through in this one.


This is an amazing color, It's easy to just call this one orange and move on, but it is so much more complex than that. Above is 3 coats, but at 2 coats it almost look like a creamsicle color (similar to Cole from the Spring Awaken collection). In other lights I wanted to call it peach, and once 3 coats went on it took on an bolder look. This is a fabulous color all around for the summer. It too has the gold micro glitters and the larger holographic glitter.


HOLY MOLY!!!! This color is CRAZY beautiful. This is like grabbing the sun and holding it in your hand with 3 coats of awesome. I LOVE this color and it is my favorite of the entire collection. If you want something unique and fun for the summer, look no further. There isn't much else to say about this polish because the picture says it all....CAN YOU SAY JAW DROPPING!!!!


This polish is another beautiful one (did I say this was the best collection ever yet?).  What I love about the Holo glitters in this one is they pull blue. Can you see the blue?? It's not too hard to spot. There is nothing HIDDEN about the glitters in this polish, or any of the other. I also love the gold micro glitters.


To wrap up the collection we have this final beauty. What I love about this one is the Holo glitters pull green and the gold micro glitters just balance things off perfectly. I currently have this on (and I do not want to take it off ,lol). I wore this to a Mary Kay party last night and ever single girl oweeed and ahhhed at it. It was a show stopper to say the least. This is 3 coats of gorgeous that I will be leaving on my Nails for the weekend. You can't make me take it off - hehehehe.


EXTRA BONUS (LOL): Some Random Shots...

If you do not own this collection I just you RUN and not walk to the Zoya website and grab yourself the best polishes ever. I originally loved the Pixies as my all time favorites, but these little beauties pushed them aside.  What are thoughts on these, I would love to know. Leave your comments below!

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