September 16, 2012

Bath and Body works Fall Festival

I mentioned on Facebook that I would be going to the Bath and Body Works Fall Festival at White Barn that was held yesterday September 15th, 2012. 

With any home fragrance purchase, you received a free gift that was worth 11$. I was excited to find out what the free gift was.

Here is what I actually purchased...

 TOO CUTE - HUH??? I saw these and I just had to have lol. I bought The Bride of Frankenstein, and Kelly bought Frankenstein.

 Cost: $6.50 USD each

They are adorable and I can not wait to start using them. 

Now on to the free gift....

It's a 4 oz Small Candle that usually retails for $9.50 USD, in Pumpkin Carvings - a new scent for Fall.

 It's yummy and I can not wait to start burning this one. I'm currently burning Creamy Pumpkin, so this will be a nice change, while still staying with a Fall scent. 

Did you guys get your free candles?


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