July 21, 2012

Indie Spotlight: Lush Lacquer Party Rockin!

I know, I know, I can hear you guys now, 'another indie polish'. Yes!!! I'm currently obsessed with them at the moment lol. At first I just thought they all looked like bad glitter bombs, and after I tried them - I WAS HOOKED hahaha.

I have been so excited about receiving this! Unfortunately my first bottle came broken :( and I finally received my replacement bottle this weekend *happy dance*! This is Lush Lacquer's Party Rockin. This is a gorgeous glitter packed polish in a very light blue tint clear coat. For today I layered if over American Apparel Peacock.

Did I mention this polish is gorgeous?!!! My camera struggled getting a good picture because this is glitter on steroids LOL! This is probably the most glitter packed polish that I own, and really love it.  If you are wanting to order a Lush Lacquer polish and can't decide which polish to start with - this is it!

With one coat of SV this is smooth as glass, you wouldn't think so with so much glitter packed in this polish. This can also be worn over basically any color base color. I almost ordered this in a mini and now so glad I got the full size bottle  - I need to try this over EVERY color lol :) 

What do you guys think of this one? Let me know. Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you all are having a happy weekend.


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